pregnant in aberdeen

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Sillyness Tue 29-Jun-10 21:51:36

hi, i'm moving to aberdeen in august and am 8weeks pregnant. anyone else about who is preggers too?

Sillyness Fri 04-Mar-11 09:48:45

Thanks for FB message, i'll see you at US then!

And i've already got next sale date in my diary...NO WAY im working that day!!!!

Sapphire1 Fri 04-Mar-11 12:03:48

Ok, using my detective powers I think I've managed to find Jackrum and Ineed's phone numbers. Hopefully, they got my message. Methinks it might be a good idea for us to get eachother's phone numbers in case of plan changes...

Medee Fri 04-Mar-11 12:27:52

I've got Jackrum's email too, so shall drop her a note in case she doesn't see the FB message.

littlenuttree Mon 07-Mar-11 14:35:33

Hi girls, hope you're all doing fine. No new babies yet?? grin I hope the meet-up went well! It's a shame I missed it. sad Still, I did have fun at home being patronised by the health visitor!

Did you discuss another meet-up? Does anyone fancy another so soon? I need an excuse to get out of the house! We can do mornings or afternoons, just whichever suits everyone.

Medee Mon 07-Mar-11 14:49:30

Hi LNT - nothing doing here, am due this coming Saturday.

Closest we got was a couple of us maybe going to the Bumps and Babies group on Thursday afternoon, but nothing else arranged for a proper meet yet.

Karen4007 Sat 19-Mar-11 12:05:05

Has anyone looked through some of the other threads on here. People get well irate with each other and start using the c word. Can't believe how mean they all are!

Medee Sat 19-Mar-11 17:38:08

AIBU is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Sapphire1 Sun 20-Mar-11 12:36:22

Blimey medee, you still here lol! smile

I find some MNers a bit mean too. I'm a 'baby and bump' addict instead!

When are we having another meet up - I need to see mini LNT!

Oh, and do you think we should start a new thread? 'Pregnant in Aberdeen' isn't really accurate anymore - maybe 'bumps and babies in Aberdeen' would be better? You never know, we might even get some new people join us!

Medee Sun 20-Mar-11 14:08:36

Still here!

Yes, Bumps and Babies does sound a more accurate description.

littlenuttree Sun 20-Mar-11 18:20:20

I thought everyone had defected to facebook and forgotten about MN! We're free for a meet-up whenever, DD2 is looking forward to meeting all her little friends! So, when and where??

How's everyone doing? We're getting on fine, the transition to having 2 children has been much easier than I thought it would be, but it's only been 4wks so there's time yet!

I used to sit for ages reading through all the threads on Active Conversations, and agree that most threads turn to be a bit mean. I really only look at this thread now, and the pushchair threads. Should really stay away from those though, I don't need any encouragement! grin

I think maybe a change of thread name would be good too, do you want to start it off sapphire?

Sillyness Mon 21-Mar-11 10:49:15

new thread is started!

meet up with everyone would be great! i'll let you guys organise it though cos im still waiting on shifts for the next few weeks!

Sapphire1 Mon 21-Mar-11 20:32:31

Thanks Silly! Will carry on conversation over there...

Karen4007 Fri 25-Mar-11 16:12:54

How do i find it?

Sandilj Fri 01-Apr-11 19:34:06

Hello fellow preggers, I'm expecting twins, first and second kids!! In sept this year .

Only 15weeks but looking for an aqua aerobics class in Aberdeen. Can't find one anywhere any ideas?

Also looking for anyone with lots of twins advice as I am clueless !!

Sillyness Fri 01-Apr-11 22:48:33

Hey Sandilj, come over to bumps and babies thread as we dont really use this one anymore...i have details of a aqua aerbics type thing for pregnant people...

Sapphire1 Sat 02-Apr-11 19:36:44

Hello Sandilj, congrats! As silly says, come over to the bumps and babies thread (there were too many graduates of this thread so we had to change it lol!)...

Kellz92 Mon 23-Jul-12 10:14:18


I live in aberdeen and im 12 weeks pregnant. Im waiting for my scan. smile I would like to talk to other pregnant girls in the area as I dont know anyone who is pregnant right now!

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