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Sillyness Tue 29-Jun-10 21:51:36

hi, i'm moving to aberdeen in august and am 8weeks pregnant. anyone else about who is preggers too?

LittleNutTree Sat 10-Jul-10 19:15:33

<<sends Silly some sickness vibes>> grin

Good to hear you've booked your van now, that'll definitely make it more real! I'm sure it'll be fine with your mum and dad and will definitely make it easier for babysitting! smile

I've lived in Aberdeen since I was born and really like how it's a city, but close to the beach and the countryside at the same time. The facilities are getting better here all the time, especially the shopping although I don't get much of a chance to take advantage of it as much as I'd like with a fidgety toddler! I live in Aberdeenshire now and I totally love it, the only drawback is that I tend to forget to switch off my 'country head' when I'm in town and will randomly say 'hi' to people I walk past, which gets me some funny looks!

Medee Sat 10-Jul-10 20:10:34

we're close to town, and we made the mistake of walking in today to do some shopping. Was bloody knackered and had to go lie down afterwards - 2 hours later I finally woke up!

Sillyness Sun 11-Jul-10 08:22:00

haha! thanks for the vibes littlenuttree! i agree, about the city/countryside/beach bit, tha's what we're looking forward to, especialy the beach. we're both used to living near the beach and london is a bit crap for that!

btw, had spotting this morning. scared the life out of me! anyone else experienced this?

Medee Sun 11-Jul-10 09:10:58

I've not, but if you are worried, is there an EPU you can visit?

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sun 11-Jul-10 12:13:26

I had spotting with dd at the same tage as you and all was well but if you are worried get it checked out set your mind at rest.
The extra stress of that on top of your move is not what you need.

I never had symptoms at the beginning of my last pregnancy and was all chuffed with myself but I paid for it at the end with the worst heartburn ever.

I moved to Aberdeen when I was 7 and moved away when I was 19/20ish.
Came back last April really liking being back.

Sillyness Sun 11-Jul-10 15:23:43

i'm ok now that i've calmed down. it was the tiniest bit and i know it's quite normal. am having scan in 2 weeks (don't have a date yet, but the doctor wants to push for one before i leave) so i'll just wait till then.

been out for a walk in the sun...get me to the seaside! it's too hot here!

Medee Sun 11-Jul-10 16:29:23

you definitely won't need to worry about that here - it's been sunny but quite windy keeping the temp down; and yesterday was rainy!

Medee Sun 11-Jul-10 18:41:56

is anyone involved in NCT in Aberdeen? I've just been on their website, and they are advertising course for the Jan/ Feb deliveries, though they all take place in Banchory.

LittleNutTree Sun 11-Jul-10 20:03:31

Sorry to hear you've had a bit of a scary morning Silly and I hope everything's kay now. I had the tiniest amount of spotting at 8+5 last time and called the mw for some advice. She got me an early scan appt for the same day (appt was within 1.5hrs of me calling!) and everything was fine. They didn't know what caused it in the end and it didn't happen again. It was a horrible feeling though. If you're worried though, I would call your mw or EPU just to get som reassurance.

Urgh, heatburn is horrible Ineed, I was drinking Gaviscon instead of tea last time! I got a bit of a taste for it, the liquid was much better than the tablets!

How are you feeling today after your walking yesterday Medee? Hope you got a nice long lie!

LittleNutTree Sun 11-Jul-10 20:09:45

Oh and I meant to say, that the only involvement that I've had with NCT is going to their Nearly New Sale - what a scary experience! grin It was really busy and I almost got trampled when the doors opened, but the bargains are brilliant! My friend got a changing table for about £20, it was a Mamas and Papas one that should have been about £65!

I went to my NHS classes which I found really good. It was run by our community midwives so it was nice to go through it all with someone that was also looking after you and the baby. I still see all the girls form my class regularly and I acually childmind for one of them, so it was good for business too! I understand it's a bit different in town though if you go to AMH for the classes since not everyone is guaranteed to be from your area and there's such a wide range of people attending.

LittleNutTree Sun 11-Jul-10 20:10:20

God, I can't half talk - sorry about War & Peace above! grin

Medee Sun 11-Jul-10 20:31:54

not at all, very useful, LNT. I'll ask my midwife next week when I see her about the different class options.

Yes, I managed to sleep in a bit this morning. Did quite a bit of gardening today, and worried I was overdoing it, so took plenty rests and then a little lie down (20 mins not 2 hours) later in the afternoon.

Sillyness Sun 11-Jul-10 21:22:39

i've heard about these sales, how often are they on?

do you have to pay for NCT classes or what is the difference between them and NHS?

so meedee, have you seen your midwife yet? got a due date? how many weeks do you reckon you are?

i reckon i'm 8weeks today, but due to long cycles and doctors counting from first day of cycle, he reckons i'm 10 weeks today, hence the scan in 2 weeks!

Medee Sun 11-Jul-10 21:35:36

it tells you on the NCt website, but I don't think the next date is up yet. Yes, there is a charge for the classes- I'm going to ask my midwife about them when I see her.

Seieng her on the 19th. The calculator on here says March 12th. I am 3 weeks past ovulation, so officially 5 weeks, though might be classed as 6 due to my long cycle.

LittleNutTree Sun 11-Jul-10 22:37:07

I think the sales tend to be once a quarter silly. The last one was at the end of June, so probably September for the next one. It usually tells you on the MN Local site, think that's where I saw it last time. Maybe we could go together, for moral support! Also if you're pregnant, you get to go to the front of the queue!

One of the girls in my NHS class went to to NCT ones and I think she said that she was charged around £150? But that was 2yrs ago so not sure if it'd still be the same.

I'm due 10th Feb but I'm thinking of telling everyone I'm due end of Feb. My DD was 9 days late and the amount of texts and phonecalls I got asking if she'd been born yet, drove me insane!!

Glad you got some rest medee, it was a great day for gardening, if a little windy!

Sillyness Mon 12-Jul-10 18:15:32

yeah, its a good idea to say end of feb. im waiting to see what midwife says, but i worked it 2 ways and it came out as 14th feb and 28th feb. i think the end is more accurate.

can't wait to go to these sales! would love to go together littlenut!

Medee Mon 12-Jul-10 20:34:34

sounds like a plan; elbows at the ready!

Sillyness Tue 13-Jul-10 17:06:14

5 more days of work! whoop whoop! can't wait to move up and be a (pregnant) lady who lunches!

Medee Tue 13-Jul-10 20:48:39

hello local ladies, can I pick your brains. How close to 12 weeks did you have / are you having your scan? I reckon much later than that and it clashes with all sorts of things which would be a complete pain, so am hoping it is at either 11 or 12 weeks. I see the midwife on Monday.

LittleNutTree Tue 13-Jul-10 20:54:55

Hi medee, I had my booking appt on 1st July at 8+1 and got my scan date through yesterday for 30th July when I'll be 12+2 (although I changed it for 2nd Aug as I'm off work for 2wks from then, so I'll be 12+5, the scanning dept were really accomodating when I wanted to change it). My mw said that they'll normally do it anywhere between 12wks and 14wks.

That's great news silly! Are you not going to be working at all when you come up or are you waiting until you're here before looking for a job?

Medee Tue 13-Jul-10 20:58:52

Thanks LNT, that's really useful, especially that they can be flexible too. If I am there on Monday, looks like a good chance of an appointment pre the end of August.

LittleNutTree Tue 13-Jul-10 21:20:25

Fingers crossed you get a good date! smile How have you been feeling apart from tiredness?

Medee Tue 13-Jul-10 21:35:19

A bit of indigestion, but otherwise fine. Yourself?

LittleNutTree Tue 13-Jul-10 21:48:13

Glad you're doing fine. I'm okay too, just a bit of nausea during the day which is being combatted through eating ready salted crisps - no idea why, but it seems to be working so far!

Medee Tue 13-Jul-10 21:52:21

someone else on here seemed to rate that for nausea - shall bear that in mind for when it kicks in.

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