pregnant in aberdeen

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Sillyness Tue 29-Jun-10 21:51:36

hi, i'm moving to aberdeen in august and am 8weeks pregnant. anyone else about who is preggers too?

Medee Fri 02-Jul-10 21:53:50

Hi Silly; I'm in Aberdeen, but currently in the two week wait to find out if I am succeeded this month - will let you know if I am!

Sillyness Sat 03-Jul-10 20:45:07

oh good luck! despite me saying i'm 8 weeks, that's doctor talk and its only 3wks since we found out so i still remember the anxious waiting!let me know how it goes!

LittleNutTree Sun 04-Jul-10 17:12:30

Hi Sillyness, I'm in Aberdeenshire and am also 8wks pregnant with DC2 - I found out 4wks ago, but still in major disbelief!! Hope you're keeping well. smile

Medee Sun 04-Jul-10 18:42:52

Nice to see the Aberdeen forum finally come to life!

Is this your first, Silly?

Sillyness Sun 04-Jul-10 22:53:25

yeah...we're moving fast...been together 4 1/2 years, got married in april and now pregnant. love it when a plan comes together!

Littlenut: congratulations! how old is your first child?

LittleNutTree Mon 05-Jul-10 23:02:25

Thanks Silly, congratulations to you too! My DD is 2 next month, I've no idea where the last 2yrs have gone, it's scary!

Hi Medee, I know, there's not much activity on this local forum is there? When I first joined MN and for ages afterwards, the most recent post was about 2yrs old!

Medee Tue 06-Jul-10 18:35:11

Hello, found out I am pregnant yesterday, very chuffed, and nervous.

LittleNutTree Tue 06-Jul-10 18:45:38

Congratulations Medee! grin How far along are you? Will this be your first?

Medee Tue 06-Jul-10 19:01:53

Just over 2 weeks since ov; yes, my first

Sillyness Tue 06-Jul-10 19:53:22

Wow! Huge congrats medee!!!

perhaps you guys will want to meet for coffee when i get up there?

getting excited...less than 4 weeks now until moving day!

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Tue 06-Jul-10 19:55:26

I'm in Aberdeen, not pregnant just had my ds2 13 days ago (he's my 3rd)
Do you know where in Aberdeen you are moving to?

LittleNutTree Tue 06-Jul-10 20:01:58

It's weird when you first find out isn't it? We'd been ttc for a while and when it finally happened, I was so excited that I wanted to tell everyone but I was completely terrified at the same time! I found out in December, it was a nightmare trying to keep it quiet in amongst all the nights out!

That would be good Silly, just let me know when you're sorted. smile Do know anyone in Aberdeen already? Where are you moving from?

Sillyness Wed 07-Jul-10 19:10:37

Yeah, mum and dad are there...eagerly awaiting us!
We're moving up from London. Will be living near Tillydrone.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Thu 08-Jul-10 09:45:54

Well although i'm not pregnant anymore and that was what you asked for i'm up for coffee too if you fancy it.

Sillyness Thu 08-Jul-10 20:51:00

Excellent Ineed...!

Can't wait to meet you all!

(Ineed... it's a great name, but there's no way i'm typing that everytime i speak to you!)

Sillyness Thu 08-Jul-10 20:54:19

Can I just add by the way that i'm 8weeks pregnant and have been looking forward to pregnancy and all it's symtoms for YEARS, and all i get is bloody spots!

LittleNutTree Thu 08-Jul-10 20:59:12

That's a major move Silly - are you all organised? I only moved 15 miles to this house and it freaked me out - I'm normally really laidback but moving makes me all anxious!! I bet your mum and dad will be chuffed to have you around, not least since they're going t be grandparents!

LittleNutTree Thu 08-Jul-10 21:03:03

Argh, I hate spots. I got loads on my forehead around the time I found out I was pg, but they seem to have disappeared for the moment! My only symptoms so far involve me either wanting to eat the equivalent of my bodyweight, or not being able to eat anything!

Medee Thu 08-Jul-10 21:21:59

no symptoms here yet, but it is v early days!

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Thu 08-Jul-10 22:09:01

That's ok Sillyness I get called allsorts to shorten my name it used to be shorter but someone suggested this version ages ago and i've kept it.

Looking forward to meeting for coffee I love meeting new people.

THe last pregnancy was my spottiest one but thankfully also the least sicky one so it was a bit of a trade off.

Sillyness Thu 08-Jul-10 23:29:59

Mum's very excited, dad's more excited now that i'm preggers. i just hope it all goes ok with living so close to them again after having 900miles between us for the past 8yrs!

i'm washing my face with clear and clear-it's doing bugger all!

and i want morning sickness...just for about a week. i don't feel proably initiated yet!

sorry i'm such a moan! haha!

Sillyness Thu 08-Jul-10 23:31:30

gosh, we're all addicted to this aren't we! love it! haha! we're whipping the ass off the other threads!

LittleNutTree Sat 10-Jul-10 18:35:38

lol You gave the thread the kiss of death there Silly! No-one visited yesterday! grin

Oh and moan away about symptoms or lack thereof! grin I felt nauseous with DD from about 6wks until 14wks and it was horrible, but I didn't really feel like that this time until eariler this week when I gt to 9wks. I spent ages wishing I would get some symptoms this time just to feel reassured and I want the nausea to go now. I sometimes wish I could just be sick and get it over with! I don't know if Clean and Clear would work on your spots with them being hormonal but if it makes you feel better, scrub away!

So are you from Aberdeen originally or did your mum and dad move from London too?

I don't think I said 'hi' to you yet Ineed..., sorry! Will be good to meet for coffee, I don't think I'd ever met so many new people until I had a baby.

Sillyness Sat 10-Jul-10 18:51:11

our family is from belfast, sister went to scotland to uni, i went to started working in scotland and trying to persuade rest of us to move up/over! so now we are! having said that my sis is in stirling now!

sorry to hear you're feeling ill (jealous!)

booked man with a van today...woohoo, moving day come on!

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