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abzamanda Sat 28-Jul-07 12:30:41

Hi there,

I will be returning to work next month and I need to find some classes that I can take my one-year old to on my days off. We used to go to Baby Yoga and signing classes but they don't fit in with my new working hours.

I've heard of Graphic Babbling and Boogie Babies but can't find any info on when the classes are. I need to find ones that are on Thursdays or Fridays.

Can anyone out there help?


linserella Wed 03-Oct-07 23:28:58

Hi, I picked up the flyer for Graphic Babbling myself and seem to remember it was on a Wed which didn't suit me either. However, if you are still trying to track down info on this I def saw the flyers in Rocksalt and Snails deli / caf on St Swithin St recently so you can always find out more. Just joined mumsnet, I have a 13mo daughter and also work on mon, tue and wed so if you do find out about any classes / activities on thur or fri then let me know! I'm looking into swimming lessons just now - seems to be a few options. Good luck!


YYL Fri 25-Jul-08 12:38:30

I work full time but I take my son of 13 months old to swimming during lunch time once a week. The city council and a few private gyms/clubs run swimming lessons for babies and kids.

deste Sat 31-Jan-09 20:27:56

There is a baby type yoga at Rosemount school on a friday afternoon

Leanneflo Tue 29-Sep-09 20:18:22

Hi there,
My name is Leanne and I run the local Jo Jingles Music and Movement classes. I have classes on a Thursday in Ceramic Experience on Broomhill Road.
If you would like amy infomation please email me on or call me on 01224 877544 will also give you an idea of waht we do.

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