Other nannies or childminders in Aberdeen?

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LizzyBk Wed 18-Apr-12 13:50:10

Hi everyone,
I'm a nanny to a 16 month old boy in Aberdeen City Centre and wanted to know if anyone knows of any nanny/ childminder groups? As my charge is his parent's first child and he's not yet at nursery (although I do take him to a toddlers group once a week), I want to make sure he's getting properly socialised with other children. His parents are the first in their social circle to have a kid, so there is not really the option of meeting up for playdates with anyone he already knows, and of the few of my friends that have children they are mostly the wrong age group for him. I haven't heard of any nanny and children groups (or even any nanny-friendly groups), so was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

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