Any toddler groups in Portlethen?

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nicnac15 Mon 25-Jul-11 21:47:07

Hello! Have recently moved to Portlethen. Does anyone know if there are any toddler groups I can take my little girl to?

karenthevn Mon 24-Oct-11 21:47:31

I am moving to Banchory Devenick at the beginning of Jan DD is going to Banchory Devenick Primary and I am looking for something to do with DS while she is there he has just turned 3 did you find any toddler groups in the area or have you any suggestions? Any advice welcome as I do not know Aberdeen at all.

PieMistress Mon 31-Oct-11 12:52:45

There are a couple of groups but I can't remember when they are on. If you call the Health Visitor at the GP Practice (780223) they will let you know x

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