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PiggyPlumPie Wed 11-Jul-12 22:01:00

blurdylurdy and logansmummy1 - I'm in Laurencekirk!

aflycup Wed 06-Jun-12 13:33:01

I'm in Turriff but willing to travel to meet up! 31 weeks, first dc due mid-August and feeling quite lonely!

blurdylurdy Wed 04-May-11 11:48:25

Just came back to this - Auchenblae! How exciting! I thought I was the only mumsnetter in NE Scotland - wonder if I know you in rl logansmummy1?

missjulie Wed 27-Apr-11 20:09:08

Shame i'm not closer!

logansmummy1 Tue 26-Apr-11 14:49:36

I'm in Auchenblae blurdylurdy!x

blurdylurdy Tue 26-Apr-11 12:00:09

I'm near Stonhaven - there won't be anyone here I bet!

backwardpossom Thu 07-Apr-11 23:23:30

Hiya, I'm in Findochty :-)

missjulie Sun 03-Apr-11 01:46:35

There aren't many of us!!!

Loulousmummy Thu 31-Mar-11 18:12:55

Hey, I'm in Skene Aberdeenshire, thought I was the only one in north Scotland!

missjulie Mon 14-Feb-11 15:58:02


Shame i'm not nearer!!

Yodie Mon 14-Feb-11 12:04:39

Hi all, Hope everyones well!
Is anyone up for meeting for a coffee somewhere?
I've just moved to Buckie, be good to get out!
I'm 20 weeks pregnant.

fhara Tue 01-Feb-11 21:46:03

yup i hope so...xxwink

missjulie Tue 01-Feb-11 21:37:32

I'm ok, thanks!
You two should meet up! x

fhara Tue 01-Feb-11 21:36:43

thanks for the msg selsbells how r u today?...

fhara Tue 01-Feb-11 21:35:51

hi missjulie, yup ur a bit far also..how r u?...good selsbells a bit nearer...

missjulie Tue 01-Feb-11 20:46:06

Glad to hear it! x

selsbells Tue 01-Feb-11 20:36:36

yeah only a few miles..
i am fine ty x {")

missjulie Tue 01-Feb-11 18:37:59

Hello Selsbells!
Shame you and fhara are so far away - but quite close to each other!
I am ok, thanks, you? x

selsbells Tue 01-Feb-11 15:40:21

hiya i am from banff.how are you?

selsbells Tue 01-Feb-11 15:39:28

hiya i am from banff.how are you?

missjulie Fri 28-Jan-11 23:22:24

Seems to be SO hard to find Scots on here!! Lol!
Good luck with your search!
Am in Inverness!

fhara Fri 28-Jan-11 12:44:03

hello im from cornhill aberdeenshire,just wondering if someone is the same location also...

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