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Food Waste

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FoodSharingRev Sun 24-Jan-16 12:14:22

An incredible new service is about to launch in Aberdeen. It aims to tackle the growing global problem of food waste by enabling redistribution of surplus food within your local community.

Ever felt bad about throwing away an unopened packet of pasta you'd never eaten, bought a month's supply of protein you couldn't stand or helplessly watched as a ripe bunch of bananas went to waste? OLIO is for you. Join the Revolution and download the app today! It is available in both the Apple and Android App stores

Why is this a problem? Most of us don't realise the scale of the problem. On average each of us wastes 340g of food per day, which equates to 2.4kg per week and 125kg per year. We throw away 20% of our weekly shop, which for a family of four is the same as feeding another family member. In the UK alone we waste £12,500,000,000.00 of food every single year. OLIO seeks to save the planet one cupcake or carrot at a time.

In Aberdeen we throw away 28.6 million kilos of food waste each year, worth £84.2+ a year. Become part of the solution today! smile



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