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Bumps and Babies (cont. from preg in aberdeen)

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Sillyness Mon 21-Mar-11 10:48:02

New shiney!
(and i'm still 'pregnant in aberdeen'!)

Medee Mon 21-Mar-11 13:51:49

Hello, I am also still pregnant in Aberdeen sad

Sapphire1 Mon 21-Mar-11 20:41:39

Will send you lots of baby vibes medee! After the day I've had today, I think I preferred LO when she was in my tummy hehe! grin
So, this meetup...
I'm easy really, any time/day is ok. LNT, do you want to bring DD1? Does that determine what day we meet? We have started going to bumps and babies on a thurs pm if you fancy it aswell...

Sillyness Wed 23-Mar-11 13:13:19

oh medee.... as my dh would say - 'soooon'!

littlenuttree Wed 23-Mar-11 22:29:09

Hmm, the way DD1 was on Sun and Mon, there was no way I was ever going to take her out in public again, but she's been fine again the last couple of days! It's my own fault for saying out loud that having 2 kids was easier than I thought it would be! grin

What about a Weds afternoon and I'll take DD1? Although we're free most afternoons, DH and I are sharing a car at the moment, and Weds is my day to borrow it! But if another day suits everyone else better, them it's not a problem to get the car. Wow, I'm so decisive!!!

Sapphire1 Thu 24-Mar-11 20:14:40

Hehe LNT! Weds afternoons are fine by me. I'm usually at baby clinic til 12, but free after that.

littlenuttree Thu 24-Mar-11 21:46:43

Bugger, I was going to suggest next Weds, but I've just remembered DH has a job interview that day so needs the car! I suppose I could do a totally mental thing and catch the bus with the both of them, although I couldn't guarantee what state I'd arrive in! grin What about next Thurs? Anyone around then?

Sillyness Fri 25-Mar-11 14:28:27

I can't make it then but dont let that stop you!
I've been given sooo many shifts for the next few weeks, but i know they'll dry up soon, so i'm just trying to get on with it. I was, however, absolutley shattered last night!

Karen4007 Fri 25-Mar-11 16:19:49

Thursday morning I am busy and afternoon is Bumps and babies in town, but it is up to you guys. Did you see my Fb messages about Hoodles? That would keep LNT's DD1 amused!

littlenuttree Fri 25-Mar-11 21:23:22

Hoodles is great and would definitely keep DD1 amused, but I think I'd have a breakdown! It's massive and I think she's still a bit small to go in, but she's too big for the baby bit. It'd probably be fine if I could go in after her but with DD2 there too, I think I'd struggle to watch them both. Ceramic Experience is more managable.

Which days next week can everyone manage? I think I'll brave the bus! We're free all day Tuesday and any other afternoon next week.

Sapphire1 Sat 26-Mar-11 22:03:16

You sure about the bus LNT, you're brave! Only thing I have planned is Thurs pm bumps and babies... When's everyone else free? Medee won't be free cos she's got her baybee now, yipee!!

Karen4007 Sun 27-Mar-11 19:53:17

I am free most days, but I am not gonna come out until DD seems better. Hopefully she will be a bit better tomorrow, but am not gonna brave a public place until she has stopped coughing so violently as it is leading to projectile vomiting! Bless her. She is so snotty and when she retches, she can't take a breath in.

Anyway, will come if I can, but make the plans to suit yourselves.

littlenuttree Tue 29-Mar-11 15:26:01

Is anyone going to bumps and babies on Thurs? DD1 and I normally go to a music class on a Thurs afternoon, but it's off this week so I could maybe get my FIL to look after DD1 so that I could come along for a catch-up.

Sillyness Tue 29-Mar-11 16:50:08

I normally would (to be the token 'bump') but am working this week.

Sapphire1 Tue 29-Mar-11 22:06:18

I'm going LNT, would be fabby if you came along!

Karen4007 Thu 31-Mar-11 21:08:51

DD did her first proper giggle today.... she was laughing at me making her stand!

Sillyness Fri 01-Apr-11 22:57:09


I have been going to pregnancy yoga at Queens Cross church on Weds by Judy Cameron (google her, she has a website with different class times and places)

Also, her friend is doing pregnancy massage and aqua-natal classes at the beach leisure centre, though dont think they've started yet. Her name is Jean McConville and i'm sure the beach leisure centre would have more details!

Karen - congrats on DD! Im sure i heard her trying the other day, so im glad she finally got there!

Karen4007 Sat 16-Apr-11 11:41:11

All is quiet....How are we all?

Sapphire1 Tue 03-May-11 22:55:58

Wow, this thread is officially dead lol!

Sillyness Wed 04-May-11 10:22:00's not dead! just dormant!grin

how is everybody? i'm offically working considerably less hours now so meet up soon?

Sapphire1 Wed 04-May-11 14:59:16

Ah, so there is someone lurking lol! We've been at the doctors today for a review, as LO is still being a fusspot when it comes to feeding. The conclusion is that she has behavioural issues hahaha! Seriously though, it's driving me nuts, but I think he's right as she doesn't seem in pain anymore. Tis apparently common among refluxers. She is such a diva, can't think where she gets it from grin. Glad to hear you're working less now silly - how are you keeping? Would gladly meet up, seems like it's been ages!

Sillyness Thu 05-May-11 10:07:01

Poor LO!

You up for bumps and babies today? i wonder if Medee has been again since LO came?

Sapphire1 Thu 05-May-11 23:39:11

Ooh sorry silly, just seen this. Hope you didn't go to bumps and babies - wasn't on cos of the election, they told us last week...

Sillyness Fri 06-May-11 10:28:04

No probs, I didn't go...I figured if you saw the message, you'd text me anyway, so all's good!

Medee Fri 06-May-11 17:23:50

Hello, not yet. Won't be there next week, but hope to be there week after next. A meet up either there, or elsewhere would be good.

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