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Help - Moving house

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siwith3 Thu 14-Jul-11 15:10:40

Hi Lloydie, just new to mums net, and saw your email. Myself and partner moved from London to Martlesham Heath near Kesgrave 7 years ago and love it. Kesgrave is nice as is Hadleigh. We run a removal firm down here so if you need any tips etc.. give us a shout.



strawberry17 Mon 30-Aug-10 12:04:51

Sorry hope it's not too late but I am originally from Hadleigh area and it is lovley, nice town nice schools.

pernickety Sun 11-Jul-10 10:24:45

Where will your husband's job be?

RabbitAndCo Wed 07-Jul-10 12:05:44

Well I've never been to Hadleigh despite living only about 10 miles from it, but from what I gather it is LOVELY.

No idea about Kesgrave or Martlesham, sorry.

lloydie500 Fri 02-Jul-10 13:03:00

Help - moving house with husbands job and feeling out of my depth! Does anyone know what Hadleigh is like or Kesgrave / Martlesham. Failing that any recommendations welcome!

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