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Just moved to Highbury or Islington?

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silvia0mendez Wed 05-Dec-18 12:15:10

Hello everyone! Recently moved into the area, we are a couple and one child, who is already attending Pooles Park. However, he is struggling to make new friends, we come from a small town where of course was easier...If anyone is in the same situation, he is nine, loves lego, drawing, pokemon and generally been a playful kid...I had to try! Good day to you all!

HystericalMe Sat 11-Dec-10 15:00:22

I've just started working in the highbury and islington area. I'm applying for DS to go to school in that area and would like to know if there are any mumsnet meet ups or social events going on?

CatherineHMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 25-Aug-10 17:11:34

Quite a lot of people seem to use au-pairs, or the odd day of after-school club - or opt for a few hours of childminding care.

katycaterpiller Mon 23-Aug-10 15:57:35

We arrived in highbury a year ago after living abroad and love it. We have two boys, 3y8m and 1y10m. We love all the things to do for them and us. I work full time and don't get to hang out with other parents and kids very often, although we're getting to know some and always bump into the kids' friends from nursery and parents on highbury fields. I'm just starting to worry about how to solve childcare when eldest goes to school. I was hoping that the cost would come down once the nursery stage was over. What do people do?

northlondonchoclover Wed 07-Jul-10 09:30:28


We have just moved to Highbury and are really enjoying the area. It does seem very child friendly. I am pregnant with our first child and would love to get to know other mums.

CatherineHMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 28-Jun-10 14:18:35

Thought it might be a nice idea to start up a rolling thread for anyone who's just moved to the area, to highlight why it's a nice place for families to live.

I'll start the ball rolling - I think Highbury's a really friendly place to bring up kids. We have the occasional street party (on Monsell and Plimsoll roads in N4 every summer), it's easy to strike up conversations with strangers. There are loads of great local shops - Highbury Butchers on Blackstock Road, Frank Godfrey, La Fromagerie and Five Boys on Highbury Barn are all top-notch. And the playgrounds are very good - Finsbury Park was revamped for the millennium and has boating on the lake during the summer, and Highbury Fields is also very popular.

Anyone else got some good tips/suggestions for new parents to the area?

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