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Hinchley Wood

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Spencer08 Sun 27-Jun-10 08:26:25

We're thinking of moving to Hinchley Wood with 2 preschool children, but can't find any info. anywhere on what it's like to live there. Whenever we drive around there don't seem to be very many people out and about, a bit worried about feeling isolated!

seacurls Thu 06-Jan-11 15:40:50

Not sure if you are still looking to move to Hinchley Wood or not as I see you posted your message quite a long time ago - but it's a great place to live and not isolated at all. Lots of families around! Let me know if you want any further info.

bels38 Fri 14-Jan-11 11:20:21

Sorry to butt in, but I am putting my house on the market in Feb and we are looking at 2 quite different areas to move, both which suit us location wise. One of which is Hinchley Wood. I have 3 children 8,6 and 3 and am somewhat secondary school obsessed. How old are your kids? Hinchley Wood school looks ok on paper, do you know anything about it or the primaries. I currently live in North London, but grew up in Teddington. Saying that I never really ventured to Hinchley Wood. The other area we are looking at is Rickmansworth (very different) and I feel a bit more comfortable with that but mainly I think because I know it better and it has got a tube (something I rarely use!. If you have the time to send me your thoughts I would be very grateful.
Many thanks

ComeOveneer Fri 14-Jan-11 19:05:30

B4els we moved from N London to Hinchley Wood 4 years ago and absolutley love it. Hinchley Wood is a good school, however mine are at Long Ditton Infant and St Mary's Junior Long Ditton which are both great. (Mine 2 are 9 and 6). There is loads to do around here,close to Hampton Courtand Bushy Park. Train to Waterloo v convinenet (it takes my dh the same commuting time to work as it did when we were in N London. All in all one of the best things we ever did. Let me know if you want to know more.

bels38 Sun 16-Jan-11 16:17:01

Thank you, that is very helpful.

Ragnhild Mon 21-Nov-11 13:20:31

I know this is an old thread but I thought I would reactivate it and see if anyone has anything more to say.

I am thinking of moving into the Hinchley Wood catchment area (sorry, I have a Yr 5 child and I have gone a little insane on this topic lately). My DH wants to live in Long Ditton so that it isn't such a long walk to Surbiton station. First question, does anyone know if Long Ditton always falls into the school's catchment area or does it vary from year to year?

Second question, I live in an urban village in Oslo right now. We are 10 minutes from our local shopping cenre, and 2 miles into the city centre. Just wondering how that might compare - Long Ditton, Surbiton, Kingston? How easy is it to get to Kingston, for example?

With any luck we will move over next Summer. Glad to hear it is a nice place:-)

Annelongditton Sun 27-Nov-11 19:00:10

We live in Long Ditton and moved from Kingston about 4 years ago. DH wanted more space about us and as you know the Surbiton rail links are fantastic. It is very quiet, and there are a lot of old people living here, who have lived here forever and will never move, consequently there are not so many families as Kingston. Houses on our road are a long way apart and set way back from the road, so it can feel quite isolated if you are used to living somewhere busier. Surbiton town centre is a bit weird, there is a huge YMCA hostel which domintes the town centre. There's a brilliant Waitrose, I don't like the Sainsburys and drive to Cobham instead, and a few other shops but its not somewhere I like to shop. Kingston is walkable (35 mins), there are little buses if you don't want to drive in, but I've never been able to understand how they work.
Long Ditton is definitely cachment for Hinchley Wood Secondary, but I suspect that for primary you would have to go to Long Ditton St Marys or Maple Road. My DCs are in Indy schools, but I know children living at the top of Ditton Hill Road (furthest point from HW) who made cachment this year.
There is a lot of open space in this area, I walk in Bushy or Richmond Park every day. For cyclists its also great as you have good access to all the cycleways around the Surrey Hills. Long Ditton is in Elmbridge which is supposed to have the highest standard of living in the UK.
Hope this helps.

debly Sat 03-Dec-11 21:31:03

We are looking to move into the Hinchley Wood area next year and our son will be starting secondary school in September. What is Hinchley Wood Secondary like and would we be likely to get in if we live in catchment? Any feedback appreciated.

EmsDad Mon 07-May-12 19:59:44

Hi there, according to last years intake (from the council website) it seems like you had to live within a mile of HW Secondary to obtain a non sibling place.

Does anyone know if this is similar to previous years?

We are looking to move to the area, if there are any major education / school changes afoot in the area, that would be useful to know as well.

Many thanks

Maman2004 Tue 08-May-12 18:01:47

Yes the catchment area is tiny. A lot of people don't get into state high schools at all in the area and have to go to private schools.

Jaimy Mon 28-May-12 21:55:51

Hi, does anyone have children who go to the Hinchley wood schools? We have a daughter who is coming upto 2 years old and can't find any information on what the schools are actually like to go to. We are looking to move into the the area and are wondering whether HW school (secondary) is the best place to look to send her in the future or if private is better. Any help please!!!! Thanks!

suedebottom Wed 10-Apr-19 16:30:39

Do bear in mind that there is still a proportion of mothers who send their children to Tiffin Girls' School (grammar) and Tiffin Boys' School (grammar). Neither of these are private and if you live at the top of Ditton Hill it is a short walk to the bus stop and then a direct bus all the way. These schools are normally rated in the top three in the country for state schools. When I was living at the top of Ditton Hill, there were at least 7 of us who were going to Tiffins and who were also eligible for assistance with fares via a bus pass.

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