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Montessori's Richmond/Kew??

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pearce Tue 22-Jun-10 18:11:41

Anyone know anything about the Montessori preschools in Richmond/Kew? Are they any good? Or for that matter which are the best preschools?

New to area so any info a great help.

mummyquilliam Tue 22-Jun-10 21:24:34

the best although not montessori is windham nursery montessori i cant help with although i here the studio is good

Kewcumber Wed 23-Jun-10 12:49:54

my ds loves his montessori on Sandycombe road in Kew and I hear good things about the other kew one (the studio?) but there is generally a waiting list.

pearce Wed 23-Jun-10 20:21:03

Do you know generally how soon i need to get my name down on waiting lists?
And anything else about any of the other Richmond nurseries?
Rainbow? Maria Grey? Kings House?

cath100 Sun 17-Apr-11 11:46:56

windham is amazing, i have heard montys is good, but when i went to look around they wouldnt let me in - suspicious? i did go to working mums everything was fine but the bunk bed cots looked like little coffins to me - freaked me out. mine are at kew day nursery which is amazing. love the ladies that work there.

willow Wed 20-Apr-11 12:34:13

There is a new one opening this September right on Palewell Park in Sheen. You couldn't want for a nicer location. Being set up by one of the mums at my son's school - very professional set up, all fully trained etc. Will see if I can find a link for it. Am big Montessori fan as was a Montessori baby!

weddingseason Thu 09-Jun-11 11:49:11

I know this is an old thread but if anyone has any more details of the new Palewell Park Montessori I would be very interested.

Pomigra Wed 22-Jun-11 17:01:18

May I ask upto what age does Montessori go? I am on the waiting list of Unicorn and want to send my son to a Montessori in the interim but may need to wait 2 years or so apparently!

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