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Swimming with baby

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gillbraemar Wed 16-Jun-10 21:08:22

Hi, does anyone know if there's a place I can take my 3 month swimming? I want her to be comfy in the water.

ln1981 Sun 04-Jul-10 00:29:19

Beacause carnegie is closed at the mo, we take our kids to Cowdenbeath pool, which is usually quiet. Might not be with the school hols now right enough!! Their baby pool is usually really warm too-always a plus imo!! wink

Other good place is the pool at Pettycur Caravan Park in Kinghorn. You dont have to be staying there to use it, and the majority of the time there is never a soul there. Think their admission prices are on a par with what the council run places charge.
This is their website

Just a shame there is no where closer just now.

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