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Nursery/school recommendations?

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BraveNewWorld Mon 14-Jun-10 22:30:43

Hi Southsiders,
I'm thinking of moving to Herne Hill/Tulse Hill/West Dulwich. Can anyone give me any tips on the areas/local nurseries/schools?
Much appreciated and look forward to meeting you (early next year)

sleeplessinsouthwark Wed 16-Jun-10 18:02:42


Herne Hill and Tulse Hill have a dearth of local community primary schools. I would go for West Dulwich and live as close to Rosendale Primary as you can afford. It also has a nursery but I can't remember from what age, I suspect it has a very long waiting list.

Alternatively, I would look at Streatham Hill and see if you can live near to Hitherfield Primary School.

The reason I suggest Rosendale and Hitherfield is that they are both 2 form entry schools so it is a bit less of a gamble hoping to get into those, in my opinion, than some of the smaller ones. Rosendale is already "Outstanding" and I think Hitherfield is just "Good" but I think Hitherfield is on the up.

Herne Hill is a very nice area for new parents - there are baby groups, there is Brockwell Park, there is a lovely toy shop etc. The station goes to Blackfriars but not London Bridge. There is a nice private infant school there called Herne Hill School.

Tulse Hill is a handy station for commuting to either London Bridge or Blackfriars / Farringdon / Kings Cross. Tulse Hill itself is not as nice as Herne Hill, so houses are cheaper. But you can easily end up in a primary school black spot.

West Dulwich has lovely houses but I think they are expensive. There are some good private primary schools - Oakfield & Rosemead. Dulwich Park is gorgeous.

kiwimum33 Mon 09-Aug-10 16:59:43


Just to add to the above - Streatham Hill has a fabulous new nursery, opened in January this year, on Ritherdon Road opposite Tooting Bec Common. Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery. My daughter has been in since it opened, and I can't say enough about the staff, the care and the activities they provide for the children. I'd really recommend it.

lucypollyanne Wed 17-Nov-10 19:06:58

Hello Kiwimum

Would you still recommend Monkey Puzzle. I am thinking of enrolling my 2 year old there from Feb next year?

ready2pop Tue 23-Nov-10 20:28:54

Hmm, Monkey Puzzle is on Garrard's Lane not Ritherdon Road.

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