New Social Group for Worthing stay at home dads - Worthing Dads

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WorthingDads Mon 14-Jun-10 14:36:49

Worthing Dads is a no fees, flexible group of dads with children under 5 who get together on weekdays in various local locations. Worthing Dads is the alternative for stay at home dads in Worthing. Are you the only dad at your child's playgroup? If you are a dad looking for the playgroup alternative welcome to Worthing Dads. The group of Worthing Dads regularly attend the mainstream groups and sessions organised in the local area so you no longer need to feel out of place being the only dad at a playgroup. Find out when and where we attend, come along and get the opportunity to chat with other dads while your child gets full use of the playgroup and facilities. Get in contact with us now to find out more. Worthing Dads also meet outside of the regular local groups for park visits, picnics, rainy day DVDs, day trips, walks and sporting events. You don't need to be a stay at home dad on your own, join in with Worthing Dads now.

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Arundel5C Mon 11-May-20 11:21:21

Just wondering how all the dads are doing out during lockdown? I'd love to hear their experience as life has turned upside down.

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