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would love to meet new 'mums to be' in ipswich

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tabbycat76 Sun 13-Jun-10 16:54:06

Hey everyone, I've recently found out we're expecting our first baby in February 2011 - so exciting! Although still early days I wonder if there's anyone out there who, like me is a first time mother to be, and who wants to meet up just for support, and advice etc etc. None of my mates here are mothers yet so it'd be really nice to talk 'babys' to someone who's in the same boat and who won't tire of baby chat! I'm 33 and live east Ipswich.

sophiapaull Mon 13-Sep-10 20:07:23

Hi, I'm afraid I'm not a mum to be as mine are already here but my advice is to go to your local childrens centre (not sure where that is for ipswich but your midwife will know). I met lots of other mums to be/mums that way and they gave me lots of advice and freebies!

cath79 Sun 10-Oct-10 08:48:02

Hi tabbycat I am new to mumsnet & just saw ur message, we are moving to ipswich start of december and I am also pregnant for the first time, EDD at end of january. Hope u r enjoying ipswich and would be good to meet up once we are here, though we may not surface until later in the year I should think!!

tabbycat76 Mon 11-Oct-10 09:35:56

Hiya Cath79 - thanks for your reply - it seems not many mumsnetters about in Ipswich which is a shame! Anyway, good luck with house move!! We've just recently moved to Colchester actually and thankfully the house move went ok, but don't think I could have handled it any later on! We're expecting twins in Feb!

I still work in Ipswich and family and friends are still there so I'm always there. A meet up would be great once you move up here. Let me know! Where are you moving from? Hope it goes ok.

So you must have just had your 20 week scan recently? What did you think? Ours was amazing! And I'm afraid to say, I did lose it and cry! It's just too emotional to see two wrigglers in there and to think that you helped make them! I think I'm becoming more emotional every day in this pregnancy!!!! Blame the hormones!

Anyway, keep in touch, it'd be fab to meet up once you move!

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