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New to West Hampstead, baby girl due in August...

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Lizzie01 Sun 13-Jun-10 16:01:03


I'm 25, recently moved to West Hampstead from Queens Park and due to have first baby in August.

Would love to meet local, like minded women with whom I can talk babies, but also enjoy a nice lunch,a walk on the Heath and an afternoon at the pub!

Have heard that the first few months can be quite isolating, so if there's anyone out there, please get in touch!

Lizzie x

ohmeohmy Sun 13-Jun-10 16:51:59

take a look downstairs in the library on WEst End Lane, should find info there. Lived there for years but not anymore.

princess77 Mon 28-Jun-10 17:06:20

Hi Lizzie
I live in Hampstead and am having a baby in late July and very keen to make sure that I am out and about a lot and not stuck at home so would love to meet up.

maych Sat 07-May-11 03:27:22

Hi Girls,
Why not join a pregnancy group where you can meet other mums 2B? take a look at where you can make mates whie keeping fit ... ;-)

NightFly Sun 29-May-11 21:14:56

Hi Lizzie, I have a 9 month old boy but moving out of West Hamp soon!
A few tips - thursdays at the library are fab as there are baby bounce sessions and these are a great ways to meet other mums and babes..also, la du du and quite a few of the cafes on West End Lane are baby friendly...with baby changing facilities and high chairs..
Huggle for shopping in Swiss Cottage and Del Aziz which is nearby are great for hanging out..
Plus Blue Daisy - great for baby stuff....
Have fun! It is a great area - I love it and will miss it!

GoldysMum Fri 17-Jun-11 21:33:48

Hi lizzie - I live in w Hampstead - baby is getting on for 1 now and I have an older one too - it's a great area for babies - best thing I did was join nct, as shortly after your baby is born you get invited to a coffee/tea morning at a local mums house - i went along and made a great crowd of friends with same age babies. We've been meeting up every week since and just started celebrating their first birthdays. Best thing I did! Would really recommend it - good luck!

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