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NCT classes in Penrith

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Goldrill Fri 11-Jun-10 20:57:58

Hello all, new to MN - expecting first in November and a bit new to all this parenting stuff...
So - wondered if anyone has been to (or will be going to) the NCT classes in Penrith? Trying to decide whether to sign up, but not really sure how much different they'll be to the regular antenatal stuff. All thoughts appreciated!

Also; am 35, live in Carlisle and work in Penrith and Keswick, first time mum and a bit clueless - if anyone's in a similar boat perhaps we could say hello?

Gina321 Wed 19-Jan-11 21:38:06

I run a baby Sensory Development class in carlisle on a wednesday if you are interested come along to greystone community centre for a free trial 11.00-12.00

mullymummy Sat 12-Feb-11 21:17:11

Hi Goldrill,

I know it's been a while since you posted this but... I also gave birth in November and live in Penrith. I was wondering if you managed to find any NCT classes? I went along to what I thought was an NCT run toddler group but I don't think it is - it's OK though.

Hope all is going well... my DS is 12 weeks old now and I keep hoping he's going to sleep through the night soon but no luck yet!

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