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Any mums in Salisbury with boys who like singing?

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maltesers Wed 09-Jun-10 20:45:24

My son is a chorister at St Thomas' Church in the centre of town. They are very short of boy Choristers and are very keen to recruit boys between the ages of 7 and 12 yrs. . .
Do you have, or know of a boy who enjoys singing and would like to have a go at joining the choir. They get paid good pocket money and once a term have a special choirboys outing to Panto, Beach, etc.
Rehearsal is only 1x every week and only one sunday service to have to sing in.

turtle16 Thu 10-Jun-10 13:47:37

I'll bare this in mind as my son is 3 and he loves singing, he's always singing in the car - I just hope he doesn't grow out of it as he's so sweet!!!

maltesers Thu 10-Jun-10 17:57:48

Brilliant. . bless.

At St Thomas they have a younger fun group of little choir children . I think its aged 5-7 and they practice once a week.

crispyseaweed Tue 05-Jul-11 12:01:35

bump bump

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