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Anyone with experience of giving birth at Hull Royal Infirmary?

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Pootles2010 Mon 17-May-10 17:11:32


Just wondered if anyone had given birth at Hull recently and had any feedback? I live halfway between York and Hull, so we're a little torn between the two! Thanks!

ninabell Fri 04-Jun-10 02:56:11

I gave birth at HRI 3rd week in April and it was absolutley fine. I'd heard horror stories about HRI but the Womens and childrens dept was clean, staff were pleasent and helpful, and although I was in a double room it wasn't busy so I had the room to myself. Can't really tell you much about the different labour options like birth pools as I just had a bog standard 'lets get this over with' labour, but again the room was clean and there were plenty of staff. Also phoned the midwifes once after we came home, panicing about what baby had thrown up and they were very helpful and reassuring. Hope thats of help and good luck.

Delongi Tue 13-Jul-10 20:35:55

We ended up giving birth in HRI in June this yr. We initially started out at the Jubilee birthing center as we hoped not to need epidural etc. After about 24+hrs we did need extra help as there was no progression from 7cm so were tranfered to HRI.
The staff there were really great, keeping me calm and informed of everything they were doing asking if we wanted to carry on or try something different. Two nurses even stayed past the end of their shift to see me into recovery after I ended up needing a C-section.

I had read some horror stories about HRI but then i think people only really post comments if they've had a really bad time/excellent time.

No ideas on York hospital. Have you requested the DVD tour of HRI - ask you're midwife if you haven't.
Hope that helps

bridmum Wed 14-Jul-10 21:49:01

Hi my choice was home birth in Bridlington and Hull in emergancy. I had to sign discliamer to have Hull due to distance in case of problems.(the rule is to take people to Scarborough and transfer out normaly York, or Middlesbrough)We ended up in Hull for 7 days in the end. We had great midwives, clean room, good serivce. Hull is teaching hosp so the midwives are up to date and well supervised. I choose Hull due to transport links and ease of access for my support network, if that helps.

SallyDZ Mon 02-Aug-10 21:37:56

I had my first little boy at the Jubilee and it was amazing but I had a haemorrhage afterwards so when I was pregnant with my 2nd they said I had to go to Hull Royal. I was gutted as I'd heard the horror stories but the labour ward was lovely. The midwives were lovely and everything my husband I wanted or needed we got.

The post natal ward on the other hand was awful. I was in a 6 bedded room but I was the only one which I initially thought was lovely but I think I was forgotten about. My son started crying at 9pm and didn't stop screaming until 3am and nobody came in at all. I was right outside the nursing station and spent hours and hours pacing up and down the room trying to stop him crying, whilst sobbing myself cos I just didn't know what to do, and they didn't come in once. They must have seen me pacing and crying, and couldn't fail to have heard Zac screaming(!) and I felt completely abandoned.

I maybe should have asked them for help but I felt as a 2nd time mum I should be able to deal with it, I'd have been fine if they'd come to me though.

Awful time it was, but going back to what I said first, the labour ward was really lovely.


formerdiva Wed 18-Aug-10 22:04:01

Sal - I've had similar experiences with both of my births at Hull W&C. Labour ward is excellent but post natal ward is shocking. Some individual midwives are great, but generally they seem to be there to keep everyone alive and...erm...that's about it. No time to take babies from knackered mums while they get some sleep and no time to help with BF support (I'm not necessarily blaming them - I don't know if they just can't be arsed or whether they're massivly under-resourced).

Jubilee is excellent if you've no complications. Hull's great for giving birth if you're going to be in and out within a few hours, but prepare yourself for an uncomfortable ride if you have to stay in...

Strawberrynorbury Tue 04-Jan-11 08:56:06

I'd totally agree with formerdiva . . .

I gave birth at HRI in December '10. We'd booked in at Jubilee, but had to go to HRI because of the bad weather (it closed due to the snow). By the time I got to HRI it was too late for any pain relief, but the delivery team were excellent.

HOWEVER, the postnatal ward was horrendous. The staff were great, but being in a room with three other women and babies who are shipped in and out at all times of day was awful. The beds are ridiculously hard, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get any sleep, the staff are over-stretched and (though lovely) are too eager to get you out of the ward and back home (which meant I had to go to Jubilee for aftercare, because I hadn't had sufficient breastfeeding support at HRI and my son was essentially starving when the Midwife called on her 1st visit).

I would ALWAYS choose to go to Jubilee. Failing that, give birth at HRI and transfer out of there to Jubilee for your postnatal care ASAP - they were absolutely FANTASTIC, and the aromatherapy baths weren't bad either!

Good luck all xxx

boyscomingoutofmyears Fri 07-Jan-11 12:57:46

Strawberry, I also had a baby in HRI in December due to Jubilee being closed.

I agree that labour ward were fab, and also felt "kicked out" of post-natal ward, which in my case was true as I was rushed back there by ambulance 6 hours after arriving home! I ended up staying for a week and had a better experience from then, think that was because I had my own room and they had to keep a very close eye on me though.

The midwives were lovely however, it's very unfortunate that they're so overstretched.

MrsEmmaLawson Fri 21-Jan-11 13:45:57

Hi my name is Emma & I live in Goole. I gave birth to my second child Finley in October 2010 at Hull Royal. We were torn between our son being born at Scunthorpe or Hull due to our location. The reason I went for Hull in the end was that I had my first child there and I had a good experience. I was given an ensuite room of my own after I had given birth and the staff were all excellent. My daughter had to be taken to the special care unit after she was born and the facilities there were first rate so I felt as if we were in safe hands. Im glad I choose Hull again as I had a great experience second time round. Unfortunately I was in labour a long time and went through 3 midwives due to shift changes, but all of them were brilliant and I cant thank them enough. I havent heard anything bad about York so it might be just as good. Maybey you should base your decision on the hospital that is closest or fastest to get to by road just in case you have to make a dash for it! I hope everything goes well for you, Good Luck x

Redhairmum Tue 26-Apr-11 12:55:47

Hi, I gave birth to my son in Jan this year at HRI, and found the labour AND post labour wards to be excellent.
The staff on both were very helpful, and I got excellent BF support, one midwife spent 40 mins with me making sure my son was latched on properly.
I had a shared room, but found this ok.
Staff are REALLY busy, but will give lots of help if you need it.

Hope this helps

trouble2plus2 Thu 05-May-11 13:05:52

Hull Royal Infirmary - I had first child by emergency c-section in 2004, a VBAC in 2007, and then an elective c-section for twins in February this year. After the first one, I seriously looked into private maternity birth for my second child, but the nearest unit is Leeds - way too far to contemplate. I found the care in Hull Royal was fantastic if you need clinical help (the doctors have always been great), but that postnatal care and sometimes - dare I say it - the midwives to be indifferent at best. Some of the postnatal midwives are really caring and try their best but are very stretched, some are ignorant and unknowledgable. Those who haven't had children themselves are fab with the babies, but don't understand what its like to be a new mum in a clinical environment.

I have to say, the last time was much, much better. I had my own en-suite room which was clean and well-equipped and I had much more attentive care than previously. But then, they knew I was coming and I was more a '9-to-5' job than on previous occasions. A very different experience to number 2 where I turned up inconveniently in the middle of the night and was left to fend for myself on a ward as the staff said they didnt think I was far enough in labour to be admitted to delivery. By the time the sun had came up, number 2 was in her cot sleeping soundly, just as I expected.

If you need clinical intervention (i.e an op, or a doctor to assist in delivery) then the facilities are second to none, but if you're more a candles and birth pool kind of girl and want full support with the new baby, then I'd seriously start making preps to go the the Jubilee birth centre.

You can get very good care at HRI, but often its a case of she who shouts loudest. So be prepared to do some shouting! Having said that, I don't know much about York.......Good luck.

twinmummy24 Sun 05-Jun-11 11:01:59

i work at hull royal as a nurse and just wanted to add that HRI has an amazing special care baby unit which accepts transfers from across the region, i know that no one wants to think about possible complications but i felt reassured knowing that if something did happen i was in the best place for it to be dealt with,
hope thats not to doom and gloom!!
twinmummy xx

savvysmummy11 Wed 13-Jul-11 14:49:15

i gave birth at hri jan 2009, first time in labour and i found it to be very pleasent, i was in a room on my own as there were complications with me and found all but one midwife to be very nice and very helpful with me and my little one smile. i was so scared when i got there but by the time we left the following friday id had a relaxing time and the midwifes were very helpful with showing me how to bath my daughter and letting me rest when i needed to.
if i have another i will definetly be going back to hri smile X

Dramaqueen666 Thu 02-Feb-12 14:17:32

I am very surprised not to see more comments on this site. Following what I can only describe as an extremely traumatic experience at Hull Women and CHildren's Hospital, I have spoken to a large number of women who've had negative experiences there. The unfortunate element of this is that other than having a home birth, there is no choice. My complaint has been put with PAL; an independent complaints body, but the actions taken seem to be minimal so BEWARE!

Firstly, I would like to say that the doctors that treated me and cared for me during my time at the Hospital were absolutely fantastic and were kind, caring and everything a Dr should be. The issues were with the postnatal care on the Maple/Rowan Wards. The majority of the midwives were also excellent and very caring.

My bad experience commenced on the 24th December 2011 at 11am. I was induced on the 24th with a pessary. After 24 hours, this had failed to work and I was given 2 further pessaries. Following this, my waters were broken but they did not break fully. I was then put on a syntocynon (sp) drip which made the pain unbearable and I had to have an epidural. The quantity of the artificial hormone was gradually increased but failed to establish labour. After 72 hours, I was 7 cm dilated and was asked to 'push.'
Baby was not going to come and a scalp monitor was placed on baby's head and blood tests taken from baby's scalp to see if he was distressed – fortunately, he was not!

Because labour was still not progressing after 75 hours and I couldn't 'push' (I now know baby was not adequately positioned to make an appearance), I signed a consent form to either have an episiotomy and forceps to get him out or for a c-section.

I had to have a c-section in the end as baby’s head could not be grabbed with forceps. All of this was traumatic, but it was after this my BAD EXPERIENCE commenced.

There was one midwife who worked on the labour ward whose actions traumatised me and almost made the difference between me living and dying due to the time it took for her to believe that I was feeling ill! Saying this, other midwives were fantastic and very kind/professional.
Following my c-section I was sore, but mobilised as suggested by the midwives - no problems. I had problems getting my baby to ‘latch on’ in order to breastfeed him and felt that one particular midwife contributed to the fact that I have never established breastfeeding, despite my best efforts and perseverance. The manner in which the midwife tried to instigate feeding was traumatic to both me and my new baby - to summarise briefly: this involved her grabbing baby's head (whilst he was screaming hysterically) with one hand and my breast with another and forcing his head onto my breast on each occasion when I asked for her assistance.

The next day, I had very swollen legs (I couldn't even bend my knee because of the size of my legs) despite having no swelling throughout my pregnancy. This was put down to 'normal postnatal swelling,' normal - it was not!
I expressed to the midwife that I felt very poorly and she gave me some codeine which I said I did not want as it makes me feel sick but she told me to take it. I asked to take just one tablet and she was sarcastic stating that it wouldn’t do me any good and I had to take both tablets - I was promptly sick and mentioned to another midwife that I had been sick and thought it was because of the codeine.

Over the course of the next two days, I maintained that I was feeling poorly and was shivering violently, had a headache, swelling where my liver is etc. I was once again told by this midwife to mobilise or I would get a blood clot. I expressed concern that I felt too poorly to look after my baby. To my distress, this comment appeared in my notes as 'emotional and can't look after baby.' I was shivering so violently that I couldn’t hold a glass of water in one hand and a glass in the other and pour myself a glass of water without it missing the glass. The metal of the bed was rattling because I was shivering so violently.
The next day, on my next blood pressure/temperature observations, (many were missed or not taken as regularly as I feel they should have been despite me feeling ill) the midwife came to see me and stood at the end of my bed in an intimidating manner and told me off for complaining that she'd given me the codeine that had made me sick. I was obviously upset by her attitude (witnessed by my husband). She persisted in talking down/ranting at me for about 15 minutes then stormed off – not taking my observations. I challenged the fact that she didn’t believe I was feeling as ill as I was and that she thought I was being lazy.

Later on, the midwife came back with an assistant and my obs/temperature were taken by the assistant and shared with the midwife; the midwife was determined to prove there was nothing wrong with me. My temperature read 39.4 and at this point, the midwife’s attitude changed as she realised I was not making my symptoms up due to laziness.

Turns out I had septicaemia and all of my veins collapsed leaving it nearly impossible to get a line in to give me IV antibiotics etc. If my illness had been discovered earlier through listening to me when I stated I was ill when I had first displayed the symptoms of a blood infection - (surely something to look out for in someone who has had major surgery) it is my opinion that the it the infection could've been prevented from becoming as serious.

Once I had requested my care to be taken over by another midwife and was moved to another area of the Ward, my care improved and the midwife who was working on that area was extremely kind, knowledgeable and efficient.
My actions will be to move house before having another child in order to avoid giving birth at Hull Women and Children’s Hospital.

abbypumpkin Mon 07-May-12 11:02:41

I know op has long since had baby but thought I'd post for anyone else searching topics.
I originally went to hospital to be induced (thought my waters had broken 48 hrs before). Went at 7 in morning and was pointed towards a ward and left there to knowing what was going on. I eventually was spoken to after I told the woman that takes lunch orders that I didn't know what was happening. Midwife came, told me it was the busiest day of the year and I'd have to wait. At around 2 pm I was sent to the labour ward and sat listening to other women scream the place down with my fingers in ears!
At 9pm (14 hours later) a consultant came to see me and was rather abrupt. She said she didn't think waters had broken and didn't induce people for the fun of it. She said they'd sent for a copy of my records from castle hill but they were lost somewhere. She spoke to me as though i'd chosen the course of action. I was sent home.
I do understand that they were very busy

abbypumpkin Mon 07-May-12 11:10:13

When baby actually was coming I had no complaints about midwives in labour ward. After having baby I was taken to post natal ward. I was left in a private room at the very end of a corridor. I had never touched a baby before and because it was already past insisting hours oh was told he would have to leave. The midwife didn't explain anything to me- I didn't even know where the light switch was and ended up groping around in the dark all night. I was so shaky that I was afraid to pick baby up as I couldn't even support my own weight. I didn't see anyone until the following morning.
I felt very alone, useless and didn't have a clue what I was doing.
Hospital wanted me to stay in another day but due to such poor after care and feeling that I couldn't cope another night alone I discharged myself when I didn't feel ready.

ashlxighdn Mon 08-Jan-18 09:49:24

I gave birth in Hull Royal Infirmary back in 2015 and although I've heard horror stories, my experience was lovely. Everyone was so kind and helped me in every way possible.

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