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Preschool in Portslade or Hove - advice needed!!

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internetaddict Wed 12-May-10 15:02:46

Hi there, nice to meet you!

I'm new to mumsnet and very soon to be new to Brighton/Hove too!

My DD is going to Peter Gladwin Primary school in Portslade and there is a new preschool attached to it (although not linked) called Stepping Stones. It has only just been registered with Ofsted so there's no reports of what it's like so far.

I wondered if anyone had heard of it or if you could recommend a good preschool in that area? My DS is 3 and a half.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


Pixel Thu 20-May-10 22:12:13

Sorry wish I could help as I live just up the road and actually went to Peter Gladwin myself the first year it opened! However my kids are much older (past pre-school age) now so unfortunately I have no info for you.

Hopefully if I bump this someone else will see it and have some answers for you. smile

rachelstephens Fri 04-Jun-10 10:50:50

hi there

don't know any in that area but if you call the family information service at the council they can send you a list and are really helpful. there are lots of great playgroups round here, i am sure you will find one you like

clarewith3 Tue 29-Jun-10 20:37:07

We are setting up a pre school in Mile Oak Community Centre Chalky Road (North Portslade) for September.

We have vacancies at present and will be having an open day on the 24th July at 2pm to 4 pm at Mile Oak Community Centre if you wanted to come and look around.

Our website is for more information.

melz32 Wed 03-Aug-11 11:10:18

Hello,i am new to mumsnet and not quite sure how to use it!
We are a family with four children,11,9,6 and 5.
We are thinking of moving to hove ,portslade,do you have any advise on schools
I have been advised on portslade,hangleton area to live.
Any advise would be great,thanks

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