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Anyone from Woodgreen how do you find the area

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Firawla Sun 02-May-10 21:47:04


We have been considering about moving to wood green area (most of the houses i've seen to rent seem to be coming up as noel park area?) as the rent seems to be better value than were we are now (Holloway) but want to find out from other mums what they think of the area to help make up my mind to move or stay. How are the children's centres, parks, activities, that kind of thing? I find our current area pretty good for all of that and would miss it if there was not as much on.
Some people have mentioned to me that woodgreen is 'ghetto' and has gang violence but I've not really got that impression myself (tbh I mainly go for shopping though so wouldn't see if there is any of that or not?)

Obviously we would have to go and look around the area more while considering it, but opinions from local people on what you like/dislike about the area especially from mums of young kids would be really helpful and appreciated

lowrib Sun 02-May-10 23:31:22

My friend was hounded out of Wood Green by a gang of local youths who systematically harassed the family simply because her DS is gay - including a serious assault on her son, and very nasty intimidation of the rest of the family. Neighbours / witnesses were too scared to go to the police. So they had to move in the end.

Plus the schools are shit.

Sorry but I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.

Firawla Mon 03-May-10 00:27:08

Oh :\ Doesn't sound too good I hope your friend and DS are okay now
thanks for your input

lowrib Mon 03-May-10 00:45:10

They're OK now, thanks for asking smile

If I was you I'd stay in Holloway if possible. A much better place than Wood Green IMO!

Do you need to move? What's your budget? Maybe we can find you somewhere better than Wood Green?

Firawla Mon 03-May-10 00:51:32

No, don't really need to move as such but just considering it as our contract is coming to an end and thought we may be able to get a bigger/better place for the money if we move slightly further out. The budget is 300 per week for a 3 beds place, which I think is quite cheap for Holloway/Archway/Finsbury Park kind of area now, so if we were to stay here we might aswell just renew the one we have got. Was tempted by woodgreen seeing proper houses with gardens for that kind of price, whereas we are in a basement flat here which is obviously not as good as a proper house.
So not urgent or anything but just wondering about it.

BBL1 Sun 09-May-10 20:12:44

I would try Harringay which is between Manor House and Turnpike Lane tubes.

Noel Park is not that inviting and Wood Green at night is horrible.

Needle Sun 09-May-10 20:50:31

Hi Firawla

If I could just add my two pen'orth: DH and I have been in Wood Green since December, and our baby is due in July. We're in Noel Park, and honestly, we really like it. I've heard so many bad reports, but apart from one teenage brat in the facing garden who gives us the finger whenever we go out, and one insane harridan about ten doors up who regularly wakes everyone up ranting, we've been absolutely fine.

I don't know if this is because my DH is built like a Viking and has two Border Collies, admitedly, but we really haven't felt threatened since we've been here- most of our neighbours have been very welcoming.

Noel Park also has the benefit of being Walking distance from Crouch End, and having all the Wood Green shops just down the road. I'm shocked to hear the bad reports above though, as I'd not seen anything of the sort since we've been here.

Anyway, if you want to come and have a look around the area, I'd be happy to meet you for coffee or something.

Hope I can be of some help!

Firawla Thu 13-May-10 12:38:39

thanks BBL1 and Needle
I think dh has told landlord that we will stay so we will probably just stick it out here a bit longer, although mayb have to reconsider again some time in future as I dont know if we will ever be able to get a proper house here,i saw yesterday a 4 bedroom house near us went for 1.2 million which seems so crazy! Good to hear someone does find it okay in that area though

mrsbaldwin Sat 15-May-10 20:29:35

Firawla - I live in Wood Green. Yes, there are some baddies. But just like everywhere else most people are goodies trying to get by.

I lived in Noel Park for a couple of years and agree with Needle, it's fine - the worst problem I ever had was that it was a bit noisy about 3am on Sunday mornings as people who'd parked their cars to go to the nightclubs on the High Road would be coming back then.

I am entertained to read someone thinks Harringay is more inviting at night than Wood Green!

elkiedee Tue 01-Jun-10 12:28:17

I live in Tottenham, but in the bit nearest to Green Lanes and Turnpike Lane tube which is the bottom of Wood Green High Road. Haringey schools are not great, but Islington ones have an even worse reputation. But we have lovely children's centres and lots of parks.

I worked in Islington briefly and dp still does - while Wood Green and Tottenham both have problems, so does Holloway. I don't really want to live in London but as long as I do I'm not desperate to move anywhere else (just as well given that it's unlikely we'll be moving any time soon).

soldiergirl Mon 21-Jun-10 22:27:32

It seems you have already made up your mind on this, but I just wanted to stick up for Wood Green. I've lived in Noel Park since 2007 and have had two children here. I haven't been a victim of crime once in that time. Yes its brash, not very pretty and can be intimidating but that's London for you. The positives about WG are that I have met the most fantastic people here through the kids and there are so many brilliant and free playgroups. The people here really do make it, so I wouldn't dismiss it on the grounds of its reputation. You also have Ally Pally close to escape the busyness. I can walk down the street here and chat to so many people which is more than I can say for other areas in London. In order to change this reputation, people like you who care about your child's upbringing can only improve it, so please do consider the move. Also Noel Park is a conservation area and there are people committed to maintaining this.

Needle Wed 07-Jul-10 10:05:35

soldiergirl <waves> Just saying hello from Noel Park :-)

Firawla Mon 30-May-11 20:54:50

Just bumping this. We are having to move now and seems to be a nightmare finding anywhere in our current area due to prices increased a lot, noone wants to rent to families with kids etc so starting to think again about maybe finding somewhere in woodgreen so we can get better value for money and possibly more people willing to rent to families??
So would be interested in any more comments.
Soldiergirl your comment is very encouraging because thats what I like about my area, its friendly and can go down the street and see lots of people that you know, so would you say its easy to settle in quickly there and get to know people? we don't know anyone there the main reason I'm thinking about moving is because its not that far from here and is cheap...
Also does anyone know whether it would be easy to get a nursery place for 3 yr old last minute or would that be a problem? for eg in a primary school nursery, or anywhere really? as I know most places would have done admissions already for the coming yr..

HaringeyNCT Tue 31-May-11 15:00:02

Hi Firawla
There are a lot of families with young children in the wood green area, and there are some good schools and nurseries around too
I suggest you email Laura (she is the local contact in Wood Green for our branch of NCT) perhaps you could go to one of the meet ups so you could meet some and get a feel for the area
Good luck!

Firawla Wed 01-Jun-11 20:33:54

Hi haringeynct, thanks for your reply smile we actually managed to find a place already now and not in woodgreen but still will be moving just over the border of islington to haringey so will have a look at your haringey nct site

HaringeyNCT Wed 01-Jun-11 23:37:38

Great well I'm glad you've found a new place--welcome to Haringey!

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