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Is anyone about?

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gillybean2 Sun 02-May-10 08:47:47

There doesn't seem to be much happening here, are people actually around and about but quiet or is it simply that no-one is reading this topic?

I'm actually in rural east essex but I work in Chelmsford. Anyone else out this way at all?

Debs2010 Tue 04-May-10 09:34:26

I am in Braintree but go to Chelmsford all the time as it is not too far from here. Where abouts are you?

I keep checking this site but there doesn't seem to be much happening at the moment.

AmeliaJaneAgain Tue 04-May-10 10:01:13

Ooh hello, just looked here and found this, I am in Billericay...

ElvisLovesEssex Tue 04-May-10 10:13:58


I hold my hands up as I'm the Tsarina for this site and I have been very neglectful of late. Very neglectful.

So lovely to 'meet' you all.

I am going to give the mid-Essex site some attention Right Now.

gillybean2 Fri 07-May-10 09:07:20

I'm way over to the east on the coast about a mile from the sea. My nearest 'big' town locally is Southminster. So I'm very rural. It's lovely but also very isolating here.

My ds is now 11, his dad vanished out of the picture before he was born declaring he wasn't ready to be a dad yet. Been getting on with it alone ever since with very little support from friends or family.

I did join a 'local' lone parent group in Maldon, but they mostly belong to some happy clappy church that I'm not into. Plus the only thing most of us seemed to have in common is that we were single parents.

I'd really like to find some people in my area for support, friendship and understanding. Is anyone out there...?!

gillybean2 Sun 09-May-10 15:38:39

Guess there really isn't anyone much about then...

gillybean2 Mon 17-May-10 01:34:56

* tumbledweed rolls by *

ElvisLovesEssex Tue 18-May-10 10:23:46

Hi Gillybean

Sorry to hear you're feeling isolated. It can be hard to live in the villages, so many benefits to the rural life but it can be hard to find other people sometimes. And I imagine it's even harder when your children are past toddler stage - at least then you have all those groups to go to (even if it feels horrendous at times!)

I'm afraid I don't know your area that well, although my mum lived in Burnham for many years. It is a lovely part of Essex. What school does your ds attend?

Are you working during the day or do you get any free time? I was wondering if it would be worth signing up for some adult education classes? That way you could meet people who shared your interests, rather than, as you said, being in a group where being a lone parent was your only common ground.

It might be worth putting a message on the main Lone Parent section of mumsnet. You never know, there could be people in the are who would love to have a chat or even meet. I'm finding that this local section is quite under-used (and I partly blame myself for that.), so you might get a better response over there.

I shall keep an ear out for things going on in the area.

You take care.

ElvisLovesEssex Tue 18-May-10 10:25:17

Perhaps we could do a Chelmsford meet-up over the summer? I vaguely talked about doing one last year, but there wasn't a lot of interest and I was lazy and didn't push it.

Anyone fancy it?

gillybean2 Fri 21-May-10 09:10:37

I do, but depends when and where. I work extra long hours in the summer to reduce my child care costs plus I live quite a long way from Chelmsford.

Do you have a date or venue in mind?

angiek Sat 26-Feb-11 21:05:05

Hi all, i dont leave in chelmsford yet, but my family and i are relocating in june. At the moment we are looking for good areas in chelmsford to rent a place.
I hope there are loads one can do with kids in chelmsford. We have not made up our mind yet on the exact place to rent. So any suggestions will be welcomed and good pre schools too.

liamsdaddy Sun 27-Feb-11 18:48:19

@angiek: Chelmsford can be a little expensive to rent in, there is a 1 bed studio around the corner from me that is about £500 pcm. There are not that many not so nice parts of the town, but there are areas that parking and access can be a pain, or are close to busy roads. Generally it's recommended to stay out of the Melbourne Park area, but not sure how much of that reputation is deserved these days.

We looked at pre-schools a while back, think I recall that the montessori and the Seymour House nurseries tended to get the best ofsted scores. It's worth checking out the ofsted reports because one or two have in the past had some worrying issues.

TsaMidEssex Sat 02-Jul-11 11:12:08

Hello everyone.

MNHQ have been appointing lots of new Tsarinas for MN Local - and I'm your new Tsarina.

I'm trying to arrange a Mid Essex meet up in Chelmsford - hopefully in the summer holidays.

Please have a look at this thread if you are interested.


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