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pregnant in Devizes

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LuceePee Mon 26-Apr-10 11:20:39

Hi there,

I recently found out I'm pregnant for the first time (eek!!, currently 12+2)).. and have only just moved to Devizes from London.. Just wondering where the best place to go for nursery and baby stuff was. Want to get organised as soon as possible. Should I go to Bath/Trowbridge/Chippenham or should I go to a bigger city like Bristol (will it be cheaper there).. Really keen on Mamas & Papas stuff, love their colour schemes and design I heard that Nursery Thyme in Devizes is an independent stockist of M&P's should I go there or the M&P store in Bristol. Also what are your guys thoughts on M&P are they all their cracked up to be..

lilmissmummy Mon 26-Apr-10 11:44:42

Hi lucee,

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I havent been to Nursery Thyme in Devizes but have heard good things about them. I am getting my baby stuff from Thats My Baby in Swindon although I dont think they sell M&P stuff not sure might be worth giving them a ring!

I personally like M&P I am on baby no. 3 and for no. 2 I had a M&P cot and changing table which were lovely and resold at a really good price. I am not sure about their pushchairs as I havent seen any up to date ones and I have fallen in love with the icandy apple.

Didnt know there was a M&P store in Bristol though, think I might have to take a trip to have a look!

Congratulations on your pregnancy and have fun shopping. The pushchair reviews on mumsnet are really good for opinions and it is probably worth shopping around for the cheapest price for the things that you want.

EccentricaGallumbits Mon 26-Apr-10 11:58:30

I bought my pram from nursey thyme 14 years ago..... <sinks off into reminiscing....>

no idea about nowadays though.

ghenghismaam Fri 30-Apr-10 11:49:56

Hi Lucee, Congrats on your pregnancy - and on moving to Devizes! I live about 6 miles away, and was a complete pramaholic with my DS - good thing and bad because I still have my i candy cherry ready for the next one, bad because I can't justify going pram shopping sad for next lo due in Dec!
Nursery Thyme is great, they stock loads but I found it best to go to the bigger stores first to see everything then maybe buy there as they have loads of bargains. Mamas & Papas in Bristol is fabulous, the Mothercare there is also huge & John Lewis is great too. There's also a M& P in the outlet village in Swindon too.
I never had a M&P pram, but their nursery stuff is gorgeous.
Biggest thing to remember is that you will be spending a lot of time with your pram/buggy so make sure you love it, and it's not too heavy & will fit in your car!!
Good luck shopping wink

littleyellowchicken Mon 31-May-10 20:16:59

Hello - I'm pregnant in Devizes too! Only nearly 7 weeks. I'm not at the shopping stage yet. Wondering where you are planning on having yours? When I booked in with the midwife she asked me and I said I was just congratulating myself on still being pregnant each morning - certainly not thinking of the 'having' of it. But now it's got me wondering. Swindon, Bath, Chippenham...? Any experiences?

LauraNorder Mon 31-May-10 20:21:51

Hi I'm in Calne! Bit passed the new baby stage as my youngest (and last) is 15 months but I did use Nursery Thyme, very nice shop. SIL bought her Silver Cross pram from there.

I bought quite alot of Mamas and Papas stuff when I was pregnant with DD1 (we lived in Peterborough then). All very nice stuff except for their fitted sheets - rubbish, too small, even on their own pram and moses basket!

Kiddicare is another place to consider. It's a huge warehouse shop in Peterborough but you can order online and their prices are great.

ejroldspot Tue 08-Jun-10 19:45:29

Hi. Welcome to Wiltshire! Been here 3 years now and so far, so good. 27 weeks gone with first. Very unplanned . . .

I've got a couple of bargains from eBay - Having first checked them out in That's my Baby (near the Porsche garage in Swindon). The lady I spoke to there was incredibly helpful and very matter-of-fact - No hard sell. I intend to go back there to get 'must have new' things like mattresses to go in borrowed moses basket and second hand cot.

I'm anti medical-led stuff anyway so have booked into Chippenham maternity Unit. They let us have a look round first and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well so I can deliver there. The staff that I have met from there so far, all seem really nice.

I've never noticed previously. . . But my goodness there are a lot of pregnant women about!

ItsJustMyOpinion Fri 19-Nov-10 11:47:22

Congratulation on your pregnancy and welcome to Devizes. I have used Nursery Thyme a few times. It is worth phoning ahead if you want somethin particular as they don't always have it in stock, but can get it. I have found some of there stuff can be a bit pricy and can get cheaper elsewhere.

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