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My Nursery - Virgina Quays E14

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ebru Tue 13-Apr-10 23:52:02


I will be greatful for any advice or review of My Nursery in Virgina Quays. My daugter is 16 months old and I am considering getting her started to a nursery part time starting with a couple of afternoons maybe. But can`t really find a nursery in the area.

I know My Nursery is a Montessori one. But not sure if it makes a big change at this age group.

Look forward to hearing your experiences.

Thanks a lot!

cherrylips Wed 14-Apr-10 17:56:32

Is it really called that - not Virginia Quays???!!!!

MagiAlexander Sun 21-Nov-10 00:43:52

Hi Ebru.

Our girl goes to " My nursery" in E14 and she loves it as much as we do. She started when she was 16 months and now she is 28 months. We were very worried to put her to the nursery but "my nursery" has been one of the best things that has happen to us! Our girl has improved talking skills , she is well behaved and well spoken. Big, clean rooms with lot of educational toys , kids do lot of activities a day and go out to parks and garden. Toilets are very clean and very well after. The girls who work there are very professional and the girl love their job. Maneger is fantastic, very helpfull and so caring. Regarding the food... Is cooked from fresh using organic fruits and veggie, my girl was fussy and now she eats everything even ask for more;)))
give a try and you will love it , your child will be happy and steaming every morning( like my girl) Mummy please let's go to the nursery;)) she loves it there.

MagiAlexander Sun 21-Nov-10 00:56:19

Me again...
Ebru I really think that Montessori nurserys are one of the best ones, no matter which age is the child, Montessori nurserys are design to educate the kids in nicer way then just niemal nurseries, but not every one will agree with that, but i just cant stand when kids are being told what to do etc. The Montessori method has had its share of criticism. Some parents believe the classroom environment is 'too free' while others question Montessori teaching priorities, or the fact that children are not normally assigned homework.For those who criticize Montessori's open structure, think about this: if your boss tells you exactly what to do for a project, how much do you learn? how much do you enjoy? But when you are given the tools the structure the project yourself, you feel pride of ownership, you learn a lot more that you would have, you feel good about it. Let your kids feel the same way about their accomplishments! To tie their success to standardized tests teaches them this: you are a drone, we don't care how you feel, just do what you're told. What good is that?
My Nursery is perfect!!!! Give a try enjoy.

ebru Tue 05-Apr-11 07:12:12

Hi Magi,

Thank you very
much for the response.Would it be possible for you to drop me a line so hat I can ask a few questions? Thank you so much!

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