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Plasterers in Cambridge

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Heartsease Tue 13-Apr-10 10:06:05

Hello all,

I'm usually a lurker, but am popping up out of the undergrowth to ask if anyone has used a plasterer they would recommend in Cambridge? It's quite a big job (house is a bit of a wreck) and I have zero experience with plasterers. Any tips would be very welcome. Thanks!

umf Wed 14-Apr-10 09:40:45

Chameleon Decorators! They're excellent. Alex and his team replastered and painted most of our house in 2008 and then our neighbours' this year. Tidy, efficient, bring their own tea flasks... They do more than plastering too, in case you need any floors laid or tiling done. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Heartsease Wed 14-Apr-10 10:02:02

Oh thank you! Their web page looks impressive, and also reassures me that houses which look as bad as mine can turn into nice ones. Tip much appreciated!

silverswan Sun 09-Jan-11 00:09:42

Hi, does anybody know if Chameleon are still in business (for painting rather than plastering) - website looks current but have sent 3 mails and no reply yet. Should try to ring but never get round to in normal working hours!

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