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Wanted - Mums who like coffee/wine and dont leave TH when 2nd baby comes along

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CazChatty Thu 11-Mar-10 20:48:42


I've had a wonderful time meeting Mums with baby No 1, only to find that 80% leave to go to Surrey/kent etc when the first is 18months ish or 2nd baby arrives.

If you, like me are bucking the trend, please get in touch, it would be great to make friends with people who feel settled in TH.


Bessie123 Mon 15-Mar-10 09:36:21

I think there is a tower hamlets yahoo group, mums meet up for coffee. Maybe someone could post an address..?

KiwiKat Sat 20-Mar-10 16:59:43

This is it:

You don't have to be a member of the NCT, anyone is welcome.

bran Sat 20-Mar-10 17:07:13

I love living in TH, but sadly I'm also leaving (yes I do have two children, I'm a cliche). I know how you feel as almost all the friends that I made through my DS have drifted off to other parts of the world.

I hope you find a lovely settled group of friends. grin

JoDraper Wed 24-Mar-10 10:48:34

Hiya, I know exactly what you mean! My DS is now 14 months and I am 16 weeks pg with no.2 and we have no plans to leave! Where abouts in TH are you? We're on the isle of dogs and have seen lots of our friends move but luckily have some very good ones that are staying put for the time being.

gardoe Thu 15-Apr-10 10:37:42

I completely agree! I am now 17 weeks pregnant with second baby (first is two and a half) and, having moved from Wapping to Limehouse 2 months ago, we don't have any plans to move again anytime soon!

kairo Wed 21-Apr-10 16:50:03

hey i live in the TH and looking to meet poeple and make friends.
I am 27 pregnant with my first due in August.

kairo Wed 21-Apr-10 16:51:56

hey i live in the TH and looking to meet poeple and make friends.
I am 27 pregnant with my first due in August.

GhostInTheBackOfYourHead Wed 21-Apr-10 17:23:55

I have two children and am firmly ensconced in Whitechapel. Oh and I like wine and coffee too.

Bessie123 Mon 26-Apr-10 12:58:38

I'm 18 weeks pg, due in September. It sounds like we are all having 2nd babies at around the same time. I don't know what I will do when the baby comes, since Wild Cherry has shut; I think I spent about half my life there shovelling cake down myself when I was on mat leave with dd.

Antidote Tue 27-Apr-10 12:28:44

I'm new to mumsnet, and 16 weeks with 1st. We live in the middle of Wapping, no plans to move.
It would be good to meet up.
Did any of you have your babies at the Royal London? If so, how was it?

Bessie123 Wed 28-Apr-10 16:01:48

I have heard bad things about the Royal London but people seem to be more positive about the Homerton. However, everyone raves about the Barkantine birth centre.

GhostInTheBackOfYourHead Wed 28-Apr-10 16:07:59

Wild Cherry has shut?????????

GhostInTheBackOfYourHead Wed 28-Apr-10 16:11:42

I had my DS by ELCC at the London. Ante natal care was excellent, but post natal was a bit patchy. Having said that, it would be an experience I would repeat and was overall satisfied with our care. DS born in Feb 08, btw.

I am finding very hard to get my head round the closure of Wild Cherry but The Gallery, just round the corner is still open.

GhostInTheBackOfYourHead Wed 28-Apr-10 16:13:14

ELCS, of course

Bessie123 Wed 28-Apr-10 17:05:29

ghost Wild Cherry shut just after the organic shop did, I think (despite the exorbitant prices) they were losing loads of money. Could be to do with the fact that there were always about 6-8 people working at any one time.

GhostInTheBackOfYourHead Wed 28-Apr-10 17:08:14

But I thought all the workers were volunteers. I'm sure they were at one point. And Friends Organic has gone as well????


I used to work in the council offices opposite and was quite adept at spending most of my wages in those two places. Please don't tell me Evolution has gone as well?

GhostInTheBackOfYourHead Wed 28-Apr-10 17:08:38

Volunteers in Wild Cherry I mean.

Bessie123 Wed 28-Apr-10 17:11:54

I think the people who worked in wild cherry were paid (and all paid the same), although I'm not completely sure. I don't know what evolution is, I guess it's still there. I really miss friends organic, it went about 6 months ago I think, maybe longer.

peakaboo Wed 28-Apr-10 21:31:45

Hello there

I'm a mum of a 2.5 yr old and a September bump who has moved from leafy Greenwich (well, grimy Woolwich, actually) TO TH, so all my first time round mum friends are there and not here. Would love to meet some coffee/wine people at this end.

Antidote Wed 28-Apr-10 22:11:07

Thanks for the info on the Royal London & Barkantine. Not sure I like the idea of a birthing centre but I'll ask my MW a bit more about it on Friday.

kif Wed 19-May-10 05:54:38

I've dug in to stay - and very happy with it too. My youngest is 2 - and I have two older kids in school.

GhostInTheBackOfYourHead Wed 19-May-10 07:43:43

Kif- my youngest is 2 and my oldest (dd 10) is in school too.

Are we going to arrange a meet up folks?

kif Thu 20-May-10 06:00:55

yeah - it'll be fun - let's meet up.

120 Mon 24-May-10 08:45:38

I'm here too. I have a 3yr old and 16mo. Will be moving, but hopefully somewhere round here smile.

By the way, any babywearers, have you seen this thread?

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