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carolinesk9 Tue 09-Mar-10 12:59:20

I'm looking for some advice on nurseries from mums or soon-to-be mums of infants. Can you help?

I'm looking to open up a new nursery in the centre of Wilmslow from next Autumn. It will be small and cosy, with a maximum of twenty-three children and we aim to operate at a very high standard. My background is in teaching and holiday clubs.

I know there are a lot of nurseries in Wilmslow, but only some are judged "good" by ofsted. Is there a place for us?

Can you advise on your priorities when looking for a nursery? Will you be looking for a nursery in the near future? Any suggestions generally?


bramhallmumof3 Fri 09-Apr-10 22:58:16

Hi Caroline, can I suggest up the road in Bramhall as an alternative?

I have two at school and my youngest in nursery but it was a real struggle to find a nursery place here. (We have to travel to Cheadle Hulme) There is a big shortage. A new one opened a couple of years ago and booked up almost immediately.

Bramhall has a very similar demographic to Wilmslow and you'd find a lot of relatively affluent parents here willing to pay good money for high quality nursery provison. Lots of mums I know complain about having to travel to Cheadle Hulme for a nursery place. A new, good quality nursery in Bramhall or even up the road in Woodford would go down well.

You may have set your heart on Wilmslow but if I were you with a teaching background, Id jump at the chance.Good luck!

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