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New to Eastbourne and keen to meet mums!

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Knof Fri 04-Jun-10 13:47:50

Hi, we're looking to move to Eastbourne from London. I have 2 boys (2 and 3 yrs old). How does everyone find living in Eastbourne? When we do move will be in touch to meet up.

HobbitMama Sat 01-May-10 12:48:05

Definitely up for a chat too -I'm a 35yr old cello teacher and I've an 11 yr old DD, a 7 yr old DS, and a 14 mth DS - if you want a few locations suggested, I quite like the Bumper Bookshop on Grove Road - or we could always go 'posh' and meet at a hotel - it annoys the crap out of them, but it's better than meeting at 'Shades'!

JollyTired Wed 28-Apr-10 21:57:41

Hello - I live in Eastbourne and have 1 1/2 year old DS. I would be interested in coming along to meet with some Eastbourne mummies if a get together is arranged.

ReallyNotAHippie Tue 20-Apr-10 23:36:22

Hi! Another alien here too! Moved to East Dean (just outside Eastbourne) a month ago. I'd be up for meeting some local Mamas if anyone's organising anything. I've got a 10 month old baby boy.

lauraly Sun 11-Apr-10 19:53:52

Hi I've been in Eastbourne for the last 3 years, originally from Bath, and have a 3 1/2 year old son and a 1 year old son. You've obviously been here for a while now, how you finding things? I found it quite hard to meet friends here initially but slowly getting better... Can I join in as a fellow alien? x

mandycat Fri 26-Mar-10 15:25:27

Hi I am Mandy from the NCT, we have a few social events such as a Bumps and Babies group that is held every Wed between 10-12 at Community Wise, Old town, Eastbourne. If you would like to contact me direct for further information please do so.

lainy0168 Sun 21-Mar-10 21:19:15

Hi, am in the process of moving to Eastbourne ie just sold ad bought and going through the whole process. Should be there befpre the summer. Have a 3 year old girl and 11 year old girl. I expect you will be even more settled by then but maybe a meet up as fellow aliens in Eastbourne would be good!!! Lorraine

SarahinEastbourne Tue 09-Mar-10 10:03:28

I'm a mum to a toddler (boy) and pregnant with my second (girl) - due in June. I recently moved to Eastbourne from London and would be keen to meet other local mums / mums-to-be.

I was previously working in PR in London, but hubbie decided we should buy a guesthouse by the seaside, so here we are! So far loving it, but would like to know a few more people...

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