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moving- Mill Hill or Hampstead Garden Suburb?

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SayHitIsntSo Mon 01-Mar-10 10:30:38

Hi all
We plan on moving to either one of these neighbourhoods, can anyone recommend/warn me about either?

thnx! :-)

terie5 Wed 03-Mar-10 20:06:44

They're both lovely neighbourhoods. Even though I live in Mill Hill, I'd probably go for HGS. However, you might want to consider transport links into London and, if that's the case, Mill Hill is better.
Good luck with your choice.

SayHitIsntSo Wed 03-Mar-10 23:58:26

Thnx! We are still having a real hard time deciding....especially with choosing schools.

terie5 Thu 04-Mar-10 12:22:45

Yes, schools is definitely something to take into consideration. How old are your kids?

fillybuster Thu 04-Mar-10 12:45:14

I'm in HGS and love it! Its a fairly big area, so transport and schools depend a bit on which side (North or South) you end up. For example, South side near Temple Fortune/Golders Green is fine for tubes and buses, and North side near East Finchley likewise...but the bit in the middle (which is the most expensive bit...and I don't live in it!) only has the H2 and H3 bus which are both pretty limited.

Schools are good, especially the North side which has Brooklands Lots of people move here just to get into the school. HGS school on the South side has improved a lot over the past few years and I've heard good things about it recently. And there's Henrietta Barnet (amazing secondary state for girls) here as well...guess it depends on how old your dcs are?

CAT me if you move here and we can meet for coffe grin

SayHitIsntSo Thu 04-Mar-10 13:31:23

DS is 16 months old, and I would like to maybe have him in nursery...but haven't decided yet, really (since as I now understand, if he goes to nursery in a school that doesn't necessarily means he'll end up getting to reception in that school so...hmm)

Would love to meet for coffee grin and thnx for all the useful info! we thought of these two schools in HGS (brookland and HGS) and in Mill Hill we thought of Mathilda marx or Frith Manor...

fillybuster Thu 04-Mar-10 15:55:48

I know mathilda marks is great, but massively oversubscribed, so there's very few places for non-siblings...from what I understand, you need to live pretty much on top of the school to get a non-sibling place shock

Brooklands doesn't exactly prioritise nursery kids for the school but I get the impression that having a kid in the nursery can help...and its definitely easier to find houses in the close catchment!

Good luck and CAT me if you decide to move in here - I've got a 4.5 ds, a 2 yo dd and another one due in June....

SayHitIsntSo Fri 05-Mar-10 10:54:16

oooh definitely will!!!
thnx again, I will have to have a serious chat with DH over the weekend!

LDNTX Tue 07-Nov-17 10:48:34

Good Morning,
I am really excited we are moving into HGS this week and am also currently 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I from American but have lived in London for 6 years now. I work in central London and would love to get to know some other mums in the area and start building a network in my new community. If anyone has any tips on the area or would like to maybe meet for a coffee at some point feel free to message me! Thanks!

hiyasminitsme Tue 07-Nov-17 10:56:48

Join the residents association, there is a very active email list and various events organised

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