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Book clubs in Edgware/ Mill Hill area

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terie5 Sat 27-Feb-10 17:05:36

Does anyone know of any book clubs/ reading groups taking place around Edgware? I am a keen reader and would love to meet up other busy mums who find peace in a good book.

Shonagon Thu 18-Mar-10 10:08:08

I'm in Mill Hill and have been looking for the same thing. Have you had any luck?

terie5 Thu 18-Mar-10 13:40:15

No luck so far. Everybody seems too busy...

emmala Tue 06-Jul-10 14:15:19

Hi, I'm in Edgware too and wondered if you had managed to find any groups?

terie5 Thu 08-Jul-10 09:45:46

Unfortunately, no. But there's already 3 of us who seem interested in this thread.

Yvonne61 Thu 28-Mar-13 19:10:26

Hi, Sorry, I know this is an old post! I was just wondering if you had any luck in finding a local book club as I'm in Edgware also, and would be very interested!

terie5 Thu 11-Apr-13 18:03:57

Not as yet. Do you fancy starting one?
I would be keen to meet up every 6-7 weeks.

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