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Things to do on a Friday

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Ell32009 Fri 26-Feb-10 07:37:45

Hi - I'm newish to Guildford and still getting up to speed on what can do with children on a Friday. Have 1 yr old twins and a 3 yr old. Live fairly centrally and prefer to walk to places (rubbish at driving).

Would love some tips. I go to Stoke park alot!


snechie Thu 04-Mar-10 16:57:54


I don't have an answer to your question but I am watching with interest as I am just about to move to Guildford with a three year old and 8 month old and would love to know what there is to do with the kids there. Playgroups/soft play/kid friendly cafes etc? I know there is the Spectrum but thats about it. We will be living near London Road station. Also any nursery recommendations would be great. Thanks!

maddylou Thu 04-Mar-10 17:08:46

Sounds like you two should meet up!!

1 The castle is free to walk round grounds and take a picnic

2 Walk along river -watch barges and canoes and ducks -search for Alice statue

3 Library being refurbished but kids section still open

4 market in North Street on Fridays

Try reading Surrey Ad out on Fridays
Also there is a book -places to go with kids in Surrey---Tourist information is in Tunsgate

Ell32009 Fri 05-Mar-10 07:40:34

Hi - Snechie, we really should meet up, I live about 10 mins from London Road station!

My son goes to Asquith Day nursery in Guildford, they do lots of open days including on weekends, which is useful. There are other nurseries that I've heard good things about too: Drayton House, Guildford children's centre and Starfish day nursery which is on Boxgrove Lane (opp Boxgrove primary)

I have just found some groups on a Friday (Burpham in caterpillar cafe) and one in East Horsley village hall. Just looking into how to get to these.

Also last w/end found a great soft play near Worplesdon, which is a short drive away, details:
Name:Little Angels, Fairlands Farm, Holly Lane, Worplesdon, Guildford (opp Merrist Wood College). Sorry for long list, just pleased to share what I've found so far.

Maddylou thanks for the tips, I'm embarassed to say I've never made it to the castle or the canal but my son would love it so I really must work it all out, especially with (fingers crossed) summer coming!

YumYumMummy Sun 07-Mar-10 00:54:59

- Tots trampolining (0-5 yrs) at the University 11-12; you can get a bus from the main station (all part of the adventure for the children!). New Sports Park also opening at Uni in April - there may be other kids stuff to do then?
- Spectrum sports centre is an easy walk from that area and has a soft play facility. Also 'aqua pups' sessions on Fridays
- Toddler group 10-11am at Millmead Baptist Church Centre (down by river)
- Boat trips on the river in the summer
- Look out for childrens events at bookshops in town
- On good weather summer days you will be ideally placed to take advantage of the Stoke Park paddling pool and the Lido; go during term time during school hours on a Friday and neither are too busy!
- 'Gymnastics Factory' is a bit further (about 2 miles) on Old Portsmouth Road; has courses for most ages every day of the week

Hope this helps!

snechie Tue 09-Mar-10 12:53:36

Thanks for all the tips, I think my three year old would love tots trampolining! We went and checked out Stoke Park on Saturday and it is lovely. It sounds like there is plenty to do.
Ell32009 I would love to meet up, we move in 2 weeks, so sometime after that. Thurs and Fridays are best for us. Let me know when would be good for you.

Ell32009 Thu 18-Mar-10 14:05:53

Hi Snechie - tried to send you msg off post but apparently you're settings aren't enabled confused ! Have no idea if mine are enabled either but please feel free to try! Will have a look to see if I can fix mine...

Normally around on Fridays.

snechie Fri 26-Mar-10 19:27:19

Hello, sorry its taken ages to reply but we have been waiting for our internet to be connected and its taken bloody ages. Have done the CAT thing so hopefully you should get a messge from me with my email address.

mummytime Mon 29-Mar-10 07:03:03

As the weather gets better a place my kids loved to explore was Racks Close. Its near the other side of the Castle, go through the castle grounds cross the road, and then beyond the formal bit there is this great open space. Not much formally to do, but it uses the hill to make a great magical place. We've played hide and seek alot, its also a good place for picnics. Other good places are the lock, and Dapdune Wharf (National Trust) has some interesting hands on exhibits for the older one, craft stuff often in half-term.
Have a good time in Guildford.

pitstopfrog Thu 13-Jan-11 11:27:25

I have been living in Guildford for 4 years and am just launching a website with lots of ideas for things to do and places to go with children, plus a chat forum.

It's not quite finished yet, but it is online, so have a look and hope that you get some inspiration!

Bel29 Thu 09-Jun-11 23:50:02

I know this is an old discussion, but why Drayton House - Guildford and
Fitzsimmons - Guildford are NOT recommended? Please advise re both as we are now considering for our daughter (and we loved both during the visit). Thanks!

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