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St Peters Hale, Toddler group sale

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emmajlh Thu 18-Feb-10 16:31:30


twice a year the baby and Toddler group at St Peters church in Hale have a fantastic nearly new sale. It is usually in October and March and i wondered if anyone knew the date for the march sale? bit of a long shot i know!

BonzoDoodah Thu 18-Feb-10 16:52:12

If you check on the NCT website they will tell you the dates of local sales. I've looked for South Manchester and Hale doesn't seem to be listed. This is either because they've not got round to listing it yet or are not holding one this year. The Stockport one is on though, in Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church on Saturday 20th March.

BonzoDoodah Thu 18-Feb-10 16:53:09

Durrr ... assuming the toddler group is an NCT one ... prob not ... baby brain still in overdrive sorry! confused

selby Tue 23-Feb-10 22:19:18

It's on Sat, 6th March from 10 - 11.30am. HTH

selby Tue 23-Feb-10 22:20:50

Also, it's not actually held at the church but at St.Peter's Assembly Rooms on Cecil Road.

emmajlh Wed 03-Mar-10 14:21:59

thanks Selby. my MIL rang yesterday to let me know so i'll be there this sat bright and early

Acorn4 Sun 11-Jul-10 21:06:36

Brayton Busy Bees Summer Fair is held in the Brayton Scout hut (A19 in Brayton, Selby) on Saturday 17th July 12.30 - 3pm. Bouncy castle, balloon competition, used toy & book stall, hook a duck, cake stall, tombola etc. Lots of run to be had. Everyone is welcome.

KatrinR Tue 31-Aug-10 16:44:33

Hi, does anyone know if the information I have is correct? Is there a sale on at the Assembly Rooms in Cessil Road tomorrow, 1st September? Is so, when is it on please?

Neary Wed 06-Oct-10 09:58:00

It is this Saturday!
Saturday 9th October 2010 and the next sale is already booked for Saturday 19th March 2011.
It is held at the assembly rooms on Cecil Road in Hale.
It is a brilliant sale.

mrsmimby Sat 01-Jan-11 09:15:27

Hello, I've now 'retired' from any more pregnancies and am now piling up some stuff I'd like to sell at the St Peters Baby & Toddler Sale on 19th March 2011.

Please can anyone let me know where and when I can take these things?


Neary Wed 26-Jan-11 20:21:33

You will see signs around Hale and Altrincham over the course of the next few weeks. On there you will see a number to call for information. If I remember I shall also post that number on here asap.

I've just had the letter through about it - it's on saturday 19th March (10am - 11.30 i think), at the Assmebly Rooms on Cecil Rd in Hale - number to contact is Melanie on 9297947.

Drop-off is from 8pm - 9.30pm on the Friday evening (check this!) and they have rules about how much stuff you can take, how it has to be labelled and suchlike. It's usually really well-organised. You have to go again on the saturday afternoon to collect any stuff that didn't sell too.

DiscoverMeToys Wed 14-Sep-11 21:33:31


The next Good As New Sale at St Peter's is on Saturday 8th October 2011, 10am to 12pm.

If you would like to sell please contact Jenna on 07976 937 362 for a vendor number and further information.

I have just set up a facebook page which will be updated with news/info in the run up to each sale -

or you can tweet with us at

Please do let your friends know!

Thank you, Cathy Belford.

CatalinaIsabela Sat 18-Feb-12 21:31:53

The next Good As New Sale will be on Saturday 17th March 2012, 10am - 12pm.

For further information regarding selling (and a vendor number) please email


CathyinHale Mon 25-Mar-13 14:51:47

Good As New Sale . . . Saturday 20th April, 10am - 12pm.

St Peter's Assembly Rooms, Cecil Road, Hale.

25% of sales to Wood Street Mission - 75% to the vendor.

Email for further details on selling and obtaining a vendor number.

LOTS AND LOTS of good quality baby and children's clothes, equipment and toys. £1.00 entry on the door, arrive early as it is very popular.

Come and say hello at

Itsfabupnorth Mon 08-Apr-13 09:16:30

Hi cathyinhale. I am one of the local editors for the new mumsnet local manchester and trafford site. I saw that you have put up the Good as new sale up. Did you know that you can also list it for free in the whats on section if you like us on facebook and/or twitter @MNManchTrafford I can put it up there as well. If you need any help with putting the listing up just email me

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