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Moving in the Coulsdon area

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boudchou Thu 18-Feb-10 13:17:45

Hi Mums,

I am planning to move around Coulsdon, possibly Kenley or Netherne-on-the-Hill, and was hoping to get some feedback on the location? I currently live in Mitcham and I can't wait to move somewhere safe with a true community-feel to it. We have a 1 year old boy and I'm planning to stop working soon, hence the importance of the neighbourhood.
Any feedback on the area would be extremely appreciated.

Thanks Mums!!

Allthe8s Fri 05-Mar-10 19:43:30

Hi boudchou

I live in central coulsdon and have done for nearly all of my life. I am a childminder and have a young family and love living here. We have some lovely parks and green spaces, good links to London & motorway so places of interest are almost on our doorstep. We have 2 Children's centres (Byron & Chipstead Valley) which offer stay and play sessions, baby clinics etc. Cousldon library has a lovely Rhymetime singing session for little ones. There are other playgroups etc dotted around.

On the high street which has been/is still currently being regenerated we have all the usual amenities, library, post offices, pub etc etc. There is a farmers market once a month and through the summer they have a French/Italian market.

Is there anything I can be more specific on????????

NK7f8567aaX11c089f923f Sun 28-Mar-10 19:41:32

Hi we are looking to move to London for the first time with our dd (18 months) - did you move Bodchou? If so how have you found it - any advice for moving with a small kid? I will be working from home so neighborhood will be really important to me too - your insight would be really helpful.

WendyAnnAger Sun 11-Apr-10 19:47:28


We moved from St Helier estate (near Mitcham Junction station) to Coulsdon when I was pregnant. My little girl is now just 2. We absolutely love it. Its so much quieter.

You have countryside all round, a village feel to Coulsdon but it's still easy to feel London is just down the road, with good transport links, and Croydon & Sutton not too far away.

Having been off work, I know my neighbours and the postman's name!

Rhymetime & Wiggle & Jiggle (& I would assume therefore Storytime) at the library in Coulsdon are brilliant, the best round here, I think. That, and the Children's Centres mentioned above are free of charge too.

The park at Corrigan Rec playground is being revamped at the moment but it's almost done, and there's one on Rickman Hill, but my favourite is Chipstead which is great for smaller children. There's also quite a good play area in Purley and for smaller children 2 more in Woodmansterne. I have a friend with a 2 year old and a new-born up at Netherne too


Jayg29 Sun 27-Jun-10 20:47:12

Hi All,

We are thinking about moving to Netherne on the Hill and would like to know a little more about the area such as schooling and crime. Would be great if someone could give us some feedback!


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