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any mums-to-be in the area of east london(leyton)

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bobolana Mon 25-Jan-10 22:42:09

Hi All,

I am looking to meet mums-to-be in the area of east London (Leyton), as at the moment I don't anyone and would be great to be able to share in person.

I have recently joined MN and it soooo good to be able to share things with other women in the same situation, knowing that no one is bored from your moans or baby/pregnancy talks.

I am expecting my first child in June and feel very excited, bit terrified.

Let me know.

Sabs1981 Thu 04-Feb-10 16:24:09


I live in Leyton and have an 18 week old baby girl. I dont know many people in the area either. I know you asked for mums-to-be but happy to help!

Also I know I shouldnt be talking about the opposition, but on netmums (rival site) there is a whole section about meeting mums in the area

Sabs1981 Thu 04-Feb-10 16:24:36

Congratulations btw

bobolana Thu 04-Feb-10 20:59:13

HI sabs1981 it will be great to meet someday. i will check the other place and hope to find more people in the area.

bobolana Mon 08-Feb-10 20:07:54

I had my scan today and it is a girl. Feel excited and a bit shocked, as I thought it is going to be a boy.

Sabs1981 Mon 08-Feb-10 22:27:30

congratulations grin grin grin

Sabs1981 Mon 08-Feb-10 22:28:10

Girls are fun! Lots of dressing up!

PatyD Fri 26-Feb-10 17:13:32

Hello Bobolana,
Good to meet you on Tues at the Children Centre. I found some yoga lessons, and will give them a try on Sunday. The place is Walthamstow Toy Library & Play Centre, Comely Bank Community Clinic, 46 Ravenswood Road, London E17 9LY
Hope it helps!

rosie7uk Sun 28-Feb-10 19:39:52


Also expecting in June, living in Leytonstone. I go to a yoga class at the Quaker meeting house in Bushwood on Monday nights - it is really good but expensive and you have to sign up and pay monthly - there is also a class Saturday mornings, this is the lady who runs it if you are interested in finding out more or - if you google antenatal yoga leytonstone you might find it. Hope this helps!



Sammikat Sat 27-Mar-10 12:37:53

I am moving to Leyton next week--and also expecting a girl the 1st of June! Definitely looking into yoga and maybe swimming at the Leisure centre once we get settled in after the move. Glad we have a place to connect here

bobolana Mon 29-Mar-10 19:57:54

Hi PatyD, it was really nice to meet you. I have been working like crazy for the last few weeks and didn't have time to come and check what is going on in mumsnet. How are you? How was the class?
I think now, finally I can have more time and may be look for something. I have decided to stick with me exercises at home and after the baby is born start doing classes, as at the moment all the ones I can find are during the day.

Sammikat, welcome to the neighborhood. i hope you like it.

Ladies, we should meet soon for a coffee (tea) and something sweet. Lately I feel like chocolate all the time.

Sammikat Tue 30-Mar-10 23:23:56

thanks bobolana
We are moving on Saturday--uggh not fun moving when you're 7 months pregnant, but we'll have so much more space so its totally worth it. I'll make sure to check back in here after the move...always up for a tea and something sweet these days wink

bobolana Wed 31-Mar-10 19:46:06

have fun with the moving Sammikat and don't push yourself too much.

Hotmama2010 Mon 05-Apr-10 23:08:38


I am 17 weeks thats 4 months with my first child due in Sept. I live in Walthamstow Bakers Arm. I would love to meet other mums to be in the area for coffe or just chats and eventually play dates once the lil one is here.

Hope to hear from you all soon


bobolana Mon 12-Apr-10 20:50:12

hello Ladies,

What will you say if we organize a meet up this weekend (hopefully the weather will be great, so we can enjoy it). So far I have no plans, so will welcome any ideas for day and time.

Sabs1981 Mon 03-May-10 13:12:02


reading this post a few weeks late but would love to meet up

Daisy's in Hoe Street?

bobolana Tue 04-May-10 21:21:32

Hi *Sabs 1981*, I can do next weekend - 15th and 16th May, as at the moment I am going through handover (two weeks and my maternity starts.....)
Let me know.

Anyone else to join us for a cup of coffee?

SabsFabulous Fri 07-May-10 21:08:34

I'll also post about this in the meet-up section. So far I havent had any responses but will try again smile

SabsFabulous Fri 07-May-10 21:09:04

BTW should have explained that I've changed my name!

Sammikat Mon 10-May-10 12:02:05

Hello again!
We finally just got internet hooked up at our new place, sorry I haven't been checking this board in a while. I'm 37 weeks (almost there!) and started my maternity leave last week, so I'm up for a meetup whenever smile

SabsFabulous Sat 15-May-10 20:17:17

Hey ladies. I am so sorry for not responding back blush sad

I cant do this weekend but I'm planning on meeting some local mums at Daisy's on Tuesday around 3pm-ish, if anyone else wants to join us

bobolana Wed 26-May-10 16:02:47

Hello everyone. It has been a long time since I last posted, but have been very busy with handovers etc. Finally I started the maternity leave and now I can concentrate on the baby and organizing everything. I have the whole day for myself and it feels strange. Will be very happy to meet up for a cup of coffee, or shopping spree. Open for ideas.

PatyD Tue 01-Jun-10 15:12:06

Hi Bobolona and all,
I'm finally back checking Mumsnet and would like to meet up at some point. My EDD is 15 August, so I'm still at work and will be for a while, but could meet up during the evening of weekend.
Anyone interested?

bobolana Wed 02-Jun-10 17:55:10

Hi PatyD, I will be happy to organise a meet up in the coming days. Any special preferences for day and time?

tabia Mon 08-Nov-10 16:38:14

any mums to be in Leyton
I am a Ma degree student studying child development and part of the course is to observe a baby to learn about child development and how babies make relationships if any mums would like to help me I would be very grateful.
thank you for your help,

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