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Dog poo, dog poo everywhere....!

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50ftQueenie Mon 25-Jan-10 20:32:48

Hello lovely Medway ladies.

Has anyone else noticed that the streets of Medway are increasingly lined with turds? I remember it being terrible when I was young, then it got better, now it's just dreadful again. DS has to jump and hop about to avoid the shit maze on the way to and from school and we're both totally fed up with it. I wondered if it was worth a few of us writing to the council together as they'll take bugger all notice of just me complaining. Surely it's a public health issue.

Angry from Gillingham.....

50ftQueenie Mon 25-Jan-10 21:59:54

Are your paths all strewn with roses petals then? grin

AwayWithTheFaries Tue 23-Feb-10 16:23:55

i live in gillingham too and your right its horrid i had do dodge about 10 turds going to school thismorning fun with a nearley 5 yo and a pram!!!

Kazz79 Tue 21-Sep-10 11:37:02

I'm a dog owner, and seeing all the poo on the streets makes me very embarrassed blush as I think people will think I'm responsible.

I use these great
dog poo bags that are stylish too and really dont find picking up after my dog a problem.

Shelly32 Thu 11-Nov-10 22:31:07

I get sick and tired of rolling the buggy wheels through dog crap. I feel liek saying to people who are out with dogs and no visible bag to collect it in that they are totally irresponsible! Dog crap can make kids blind!! There are so may selfish people who just let their dogs defecate everywhere. I'm sure if i cocked my leg and shat all over the street the police would be all over me!! Even if you contacted the council...would they do anything??

RGPargy Fri 19-Nov-10 15:22:21

I hear ya on this one!! I got DD out of the car this morning and thought <<sniff sniff>> she's trod in dog poo! I was right! It really pees me off as it is very difficult to try and keep a 3 year old out of a pile of leaves and off grass verges. It's not the first pile of poo i've seen down my road either. If it carries on, i am going to go on a poo-watch and then follow the person home and report them to the council and/or throw dog poo through their letter box*!! angry

* This may not be true.

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