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Newtownards (town) Mum and Toddler groups

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HisMother Sun 03-Jan-10 16:34:36

Has anyone any recommendations of groups? I've got an outdated list somewhere but many are no longer running and it's not the same as someone saying "Oh this one is good".

vivalepew Sun 03-Jan-10 16:40:37

DD was at the Play Cafe on the North Road yesterday they do one on a tuesday. Actually they seem to run something everyday, the sign had cookery and craft etc.

The Abbey Church off the Movilla Road is good.

Now I'm going back a bit, but Strean Church (tues) and the one at the church where Little Feet playgroup is (fri) were good as well.

HisMother Sun 03-Jan-10 18:15:02

Thank you vivalepew. Do you know what day the Abbey Church group is on? I could walk to that one! It's so nice to leave the car at home even in this weather.

vivalepew Sun 03-Jan-10 18:44:50

Hmmmm I think maybe Tuesday, they do a cafe on a Weds I think. You must live near me because I can walk to it too grin

HisMother Sun 03-Jan-10 19:01:41

Perhaps I do I live on the same side of the Movilla Road as the Abbey Primary School in a relatively new development (so nobody knows each other!) My son is almost 6 months so I've been taking him to a post natal group in Bangor which is good but I really want to be able to walk to a group, taking the car is such a hassle.

vivalepew Sun 03-Jan-10 21:27:44

I live around the corner from APS, my youngest goes there smile


19alex78 Sun 28-Feb-10 17:56:00

Hi the abbey church toddler group runs on a thursday, its starts at 10am, its really lovely and it only costs £1.50 ! hope to see you there ! also there is one at the thriving life church which is even better more toys for the children that runs on a friday from 9.30 am and its free, hope this helps x

hiann Wed 05-May-10 23:50:19

Try the dircetory section on

BettyandBaby Mon 02-Aug-10 23:05:01

Hi -does anyone know of any summer groups or activity centres for children under a year old? I live in bangor and am finding it difficult to fill the summer days!!

HisMother Fri 06-Aug-10 19:31:02

Mookie World in Dundonald is a soft play centre it's £4.85 per child for an hr and a half, but for babies who can't walk yet it's free. There's Cockle Row in Groomsport, they have free entertainment for kids on every Saturday and Sunday afternoon during the summer. Ward Park has free music on Sundays 3-5pm too.

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