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this place is really quiet!

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mamandomi Mon 02-Nov-09 09:46:09

Hi, has everybody disappeared since july?
I am new here and feel a bit lonely.....

Zzzzzzz Sat 12-Dec-09 22:00:17

Hi! With it being so quiet here I haven't really checked it much. I have two girls aged 3 and 2 and live in Ballyclare. Ballymena's a great shopping town. Our two girls love the People's Park too.
How are you getting on with your book club?

PlumBumMum Mon 01-Feb-10 17:30:04

Hello same as Zzzzzzz forget to check here because never much happening

Zzzzzz I thought you Zzzzenagain was you, but wasn't sure glad I realised

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