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Looking for a nanny share in West Norwood area?

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Rohati Mon 19-Oct-09 14:39:03

Hi Mums!

We live in West Norwood (SE27) and are looking for another local family with one child who to join our family for a nanny share for up to 4 days (Mon-Thurs, 8am - 6pm) starting in the new year. This could be either full days or just mornings/afternoons. Drop off/pick up and meals would be at our house.

Our nanny is professional, energetic and our boys absolutely adore her. Our sons are (3+ and 2+) and our eldest attends pre school 4 mornings a week.

Please reply or call me on 07817 868 139 if you are interested and want to explore whether this could work for you.


armidale3 Fri 18-Dec-09 20:18:08

Hello Rohati
I am wondering if you have found a nanny share yet?
I have 1 daughter who is 11 months and will be looking from February.

armidale3 Fri 18-Dec-09 20:24:34

Unfortunately my fabulous maternity leave year has come to an end after a year. Our family Mum, Dad and aby girl almost a year old need to get some semblence of order back.
I (Mum) will be returning to work 3 days (Mon-Wed) until Easter and then 4 days a week until Summer. We only need childcare for termtime only.
We are looking for a fab chilminder/ nanny share/ nanny to look after our little girl.
We also require a cleaner so if someone wanted to intergrate that then renumeration would be suitably made.
Qualifications are less important than a clear rmphatic love of babies and an enjoyoyment of attending baby/toddler group and daily outings.
This might suit a Mum with her own baby/ a chilminder with another child or two older children. A family share/ split. We can be flexible on the what/ where and how.
Hours would be 7.30 -5.30 sh

Jennybrindley1 Thu 12-Apr-12 20:22:38

Hello ladies,
Not sure if you're still looking, but we are moving to West Norwood on 3/5/12 and have the most amazing nanny to share on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please let me know if you're interested, or if you know anyone who might be. I have 1 boy aged 19 months.
Jenny 07973 731 637

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