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Anyone in the Whitby/Scarborough - ish area?

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YouKnowHumanBonesCrunch Thu 08-Oct-09 15:45:19

Just wondering if anyone would like to meet up for a cuppa one day. All the meetups seem to be across the M1, and although I'm happy to drive for an hour or so, it's a lot longer than that to get to Leeds from where I am.

So, I'm trying my luck grin

Is there anyone out there?

[hopeful emoticon]

(It's YouKnowNothingoftheCrunch here, in my Hallowe'en disguise smile)

BexJ78 Mon 12-Oct-09 15:27:31

i'm from Scarborough..but now live in York.... and am still working at mo! so maybe not too great for you!

YouKnowHumanBonesCrunch Wed 14-Oct-09 13:29:28

Hi Bex, I see you might be off on maternity leave before too long smile

At least I now know there are mumsnetters around shockgrin

Let me know when you are free - even if it's months down the line, post-baby arrival - for a meetup. My littlest is now 5 months old. Afternoons are certainly the best time for me (as her older siblings are at nursery and school).

Maybe there are others out there too?

HarrumphingAndBosomAdjusting Thu 15-Oct-09 11:14:17

Am also in York. Studying two days a week (Weds and Thurs) but am generally free other than that. My baby is four months, so close in age to your youngest!

YouKnowHumanBonesCrunch Thu 15-Oct-09 11:21:28

Ooh! Hello there Harrumphing smile Love the name. Very close in age.

York's just over an hour away from me, but if everyone who replies is a Yorkie then I'm sure I could manage that smile

yeswellreally Thu 15-Oct-09 11:28:54

I'm in Scarborough! Are there only 2 of us.....?

YouKnowHumanBonesCrunch Thu 15-Oct-09 12:21:47

Looks like it yeswellreally smile

I'm actually in Whitby. It does seem all the meetups happen further West than us, so I was just wondering if there are any like-minded Easteners (grin) who fancy doing something.

yeswellreally Thu 15-Oct-09 12:48:28

We do live at the back of beyond don't we?

YouKnowHumanBonesCrunch Thu 15-Oct-09 13:35:21

We really do!

Beautiful as it is, it's a long way to anywhere from here smile

HarrumphingAndBosomAdjusting Thu 15-Oct-09 17:11:17

Oh I love Whitby! If there was to be a meet up I'd happily bring DD up on the train.

YouKnowHumanBonesCrunch Fri 16-Oct-09 13:37:57

Well I'd certainly be happy with that grin

nandeb Wed 02-Dec-09 14:47:43

HI, I'm in Goathland and due Christmas eve. Very new to the area and would love to meet up.

YouKnowNothingoftheCrunch Tue 08-Dec-09 13:09:56

Hi nandeb smile I've only just seen this. That would be great - you're definitely the closest so far (sorry there's no prize for that).

Let me know when you'd be interested and we could go for a cuppa one day smile

skirt Mon 01-Feb-10 17:06:42

Hi, I'm in Scarborough too, but I warn you, I'm ancient

YouKnowNothingoftheCrunch Sun 21-Feb-10 17:32:24

Hello skirt grin

I've let life get in the way of this thread. Is anyone still out there?

Kayzr Mon 01-Mar-10 12:33:46

I'm in Pickering. I didn't really think there were really any other MNers near me. Yay!!!

YouKnowNothingoftheCrunch Mon 24-May-10 10:28:09

I think I might bump this for the Summer. It's the nice weather, it's making me feel all beachy. Anyone fancy it?

mrsfrisby Mon 31-May-10 13:36:52

Hello? Anyone out there? I am only early (EDD Jan 17) but am in Scarborough and keen to get in touch with anyone in the area (out on a limb as we are )

YouKnowNothingoftheCrunch Tue 15-Jun-10 14:30:31

Hello MrsFrisby smile Only just seen this. How are you? I'm in Whitby and would be happy to meet for a cuppa sometime.

phillippa1 Wed 04-Aug-10 11:51:58

I'm near Filey!! Good to see there are some local mumsnetters about there!!

skirt Mon 16-Aug-10 14:30:19

And me, I'm in Scarborough

YouKnowNothingoftheCrunch Wed 18-Aug-10 08:20:09

There are really mners out there?! shock

Doucam Sat 04-Sep-10 19:29:41

I'm in Pickering so in the rough area too :D

MummyBerryJuice Sat 04-Sep-10 21:44:51

Right. So I've been on this thread in a previous incarnation. Currently trying to arrange a York meet up but very,very keen on a Whitby one. YouKnowNothing are you still keen? Evenjust the two of us for a cuppa? I'm in town most days but will be busy with parents for the next 2 weeks. Let ke know.

YouKnowNothingoftheCrunch Thu 09-Sep-10 21:57:38

Hello doucam, and mummyberry

Ive just started a new job so week days are quite busy at the moment, and the next couple of weekends are taken up, but would you be up for a weekend cuppa sometime?

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