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Chesterfield, Matlock, Bakewell areas etc

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notasausage Tue 29-Sep-09 20:00:15

Hi, just wondered how many of us there were lurking in the Sheffield local group from Chesterfield and NE Peak District, whether it was worth setting up a new local group?

SarahDerbyshire Tue 24-Nov-09 23:53:10


I'm from round there - Bakewell actually!

Have you found many more of us?

Sarah x

PortiaPie Wed 02-Dec-09 06:34:06


I'm from Chesterfield!

notasausage Sun 06-Dec-09 21:03:16

Just the two of you since I first posted. I doubt MN would let us have a new local board all to ourselves!!

jellyrolly Fri 11-Dec-09 16:44:20

I'm in Bakewell too, at this rate we can have our own board in 2015!

Heqet Mon 11-Jan-10 21:47:22

I'm in Hathersage. But that's just as near to Sheffield as it is to Bakewell, so I'd be straddling both. grin

notasausage Tue 12-Jan-10 14:21:07

Hello Heqet - nice to meet you.

Heqet Tue 12-Jan-10 14:32:41

Hi. You too. Whereabouts are you?

hatwoman Tue 12-Jan-10 14:35:59

i'm in the pd - inbewteen bakewell and hathersage

hatwoman Tue 12-Jan-10 14:36:53

(sorry for being vague....just feeliug the need to retain one last shred of anonymity in the face of real locals...)

Heqet Tue 12-Jan-10 14:45:37

grin fair enough. Am now running through the route between bakewell and hathersage. calver...grindy....

Feels odd and yet somehow nice to know there are some so close.

notasausage Wed 27-Jan-10 22:16:41

I'm in Chesterfield. Nice to know there are others nearby!

KellyH84 Sun 31-Jan-10 13:09:16

Hi. I'm just a 10min bus ride from Chesterfield. I'm Kelly and mum to Emily who is 6. I run a little group on Facebook called Chesterfield Mums and we arrange local meet ups every week or two. Feel free to join! I'm new to Mumsnet so only just finding my way around!

Supernanny89 Fri 11-Mar-11 14:42:07

Hi, I know it's over a year later but I also live in Hathersage! X

Renaissance227 Tue 29-Mar-11 11:21:34

I live in the Chesterfield area!

sleeplessinderbyshire Sat 02-Apr-11 22:40:48

I'm in North Derbyshire too

Renaissance227 Mon 04-Apr-11 15:19:55

I think we need to do something ladies. We need our own place, meetings, and regular catch ups!

Renaissance227 Mon 04-Apr-11 15:25:50

Can't find KellyH84's group on facebook.
Are there anymore people in the area who still come here?!

hobbithills Mon 09-May-11 10:43:24

Im in Chesterfield too, if there are enough of us would the board set up our own local one for Chesterfield? Otherwisw we are torn between the Derby and Sheffield ones.. (a bit like the ad-mags too!)

ToastnTea Sat 28-May-11 16:28:14

Chesterfield too! Is there anything avaliable for expectant Mums ?

EmmaDraper Mon 04-Jul-11 12:01:13

I’m just about to move to Baslow and expecting our second child in August. Can anyone recommend a good gym/swimming pool locally please? (preferably with a crèche!) Also are there any good groups for expectant/new mums in the area? I don’t know anyone at all in this area so am hoping to make some friends!

Renaissance227 Tue 05-Jul-11 16:06:56

Not sure about Baslow but there is a gym with swimming pool and creche in Chesterfield.
I've not found out about the groups for expectant Mums around here yet but there is Lazy Daisy in Chesterfield and I think an antenatal yoga class in Matlock.
Nice to meet you (kind of!) smile

sleeplessinderbyshire Wed 06-Jul-11 18:48:50

I'm quite involved in NCT in Chesterfield and there are antenatal classes. there's also a walk on the fiursttues of each month for bumps/babies/toddler (usually 2 miles tops and buggy friendly). I've also heard great things about an antenatal yoga class in hasland but can't remember the exact details

Renaissance227 Fri 08-Jul-11 09:36:56

Hi sleeplessinderbyshire. I was beginning to think there was nothing for pregnant mums in Chesterfield really! Nice to meet you as well smile

PutAnotherShrimpOnTheBarbie Wed 27-Jul-11 10:41:12

Hi Emma, there is a local pool and gym at Bakewell, about 10 minutes from baslow, they do weekly swimming lessons for children of all ages, they are fantastic, one of my charges goes there for lessons. However it doesn't have a creche.

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