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Where to get a good second hand bike for 6yo girl?

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Shitemum Sun 27-Sep-09 23:50:41

Am looking for a second hand bike for a tall 6yo.
Have already tried ebay, Gumtree and Freecycle.
I can't afford a new one unless it's well under £100...

Am new to Edinburgh and don't know where else to try. Any suggestions?


Shitemum Mon 28-Sep-09 22:36:57


katiemum Mon 28-Sep-09 22:55:09

Bikestation on a Friday afternoon - on Causewayside just by the BP garage. Got dd - also 6 - a great bike for £30. You need to go in person and I advise you get there early to get the choice. The bikes are given to the Bikestation and they check over all cables etc and give a 3mth gurantee. Go without promising a bike though in case they don't have a suitable one!!
Good luck.

Shitemum Wed 30-Sep-09 10:59:20

Oh, that looks perfect and the prices for kids bikes are set according to wheel size!
Many thanks, will check it out! smile

(p.s. website is
the other one is an unrelated US site)

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