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Where would you choose to live Redland or Bath?

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makingamove Fri 25-Sep-09 00:13:44

I posted this question on other subjects and a couple of people suggested putting it on the local pages... so here it is!
We can't decide if we'd prefer Redland / cheapest bit of Clifton, possibly Cotham OR Bath.
I've tried to link below to the other post but most votes were for Bristol as more to do etc, not so many tourists etc.
Any views here? Does anyone know both cities? -Redland

WhatFreshHellIsThis Fri 25-Sep-09 07:20:24

I've never lived in Bath, but I know Bristol very well and love it. My vote is definitely for Bristol - Bath is a bit too little and chichi and touristy for my liking.

Redland is brilliant with children - really good park with a huge sandpit, good local toddler groups, close enough to city centre to get in on the bus easily or walk, close to City Museum and Brandon Hill, and the Downs for kite flying.

Excellent primaries and one of the only good state secondaries in Bristol.

Can't go wrong with Redland.

(Can you guess where I live? wink)

fruitshootsandleaves Fri 25-Sep-09 07:24:36

I guess it depends which part of Bath. Redland is lovely if you can avoid the large houses filled with students and I don't think you get too much for your money. Bath could be different, I'm not sure.

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