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childcare/nurseries in Haringey/Islington

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momtoDominique Thu 10-Sep-09 20:29:15

Hello - i have a 5 month old and need to find a childcare solution for when he's 1 year old. We live on Hornsey Lane near the so called suicide bridge.

I saw another mumsnet discussion where greygates was highly recommended. i saw it and the owner looked very nice and warm and interested in babies, but unfortunatley waiting lists are v long.

I also saw little angels highgate which i liked quite a lot, a nursery in an old church hall. HOwever one of the owners who showed us around hardly took any notice of my son, which left me with a funny feeling.

I'm going to see active learning in a few weeks (thats only when they had time) but they seemed so uninterested on the phone that i'm not so keen either.

DOes anybody know anything about Margaret McMillan, apparently a gov nursery opened quite recently? Will see it soon as well.

And is childming a better solution maybe, especially now with a new wave of swine flu expected in Oct (fewer babies/children, less of a chance to spread it..). Any recommended ones in Crouch End/Highgate/Archway/Upper HOlloway? Couldnt find that many in this area.

Thanks very much. this is my first discussion though i've been a member for a couple of months, so i'm quite excited to hear the advice.

camdenmum1 Thu 11-Nov-10 11:49:42


I guess this post is quite old..Did you go to little angles despite your fears. I have the same feeling that the owner does not really care about the children at all.

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