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Goldstone/Nevill Road area and Goldstone Primary - any views

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rachelstephens Wed 09-Sep-09 23:22:47

Hello all

Despite being due to give birth in 5 weeks time I am still looking at houses and trying to make a decision on which area to plump for.At this rate I will be taking "latest homes" into the delivery ward with me...

does anyone live in the Nevill Road area - including the area around Holmes Avenue. We are renting in Fiveways and love it but the gardens are so small and I am looking at places over in the Nevill Road area. If anyone lives there or knows anything about it that would be great.

Also, the nearest school for my little girl would be Goldstone Primary - wondered if anyone knew what it was like. The Ofsted Report shows it is really improving but if anyone has kids there it would be great to hear what it was like.

Thanks!! Rachelx

scarlotti Thu 17-Sep-09 11:52:39

Hi there

We live in Nevill Road and it's great grin Lovely sized gardens and good sized houses (Cook built houses are slightly bigger than your average) and Hove park is just around the corner.

DD is at high school so not applicable and DS not started as yet, but I know Goldstone has a good reputation and is over subscribed so that's a good sign.
Is your DD at school yet?

Best bit we like is that we're very close to town/shops etc. but it's still very peaceful at evenings/weekends so we get the best of both worlds.

Oh, and I'm due in about 7 weeks so shout if you move here and want some local company!

RnB Thu 17-Sep-09 11:55:46

Hi Rachel,

My son goes to Goldstone Primary. I moved him from another school and he started Summer Term this year. It really is a lovely school. I am really pleased with it and my son is really happy. It is definitely a good option in Brighton/Hove .

I don't live nearby (am Central Hove) so can't comment on that.

Good luck with your baby

rachelstephens Fri 25-Sep-09 14:32:47

thanks guys, that is really reassuring. i have heard that goldstone is "on the up" but it is always nice to know people who have direct experience. we have put in an offer on a house on holmes avenue which needs a ton of work doing to it but could be lovely once done. it is on the same bit of holmes avenue that has the mill on it and the garden backs onto the playing fields for BM school so is a nice position. we would just be within the catchment for goldstone i think, and if she didn't get in there she should be okay for hangleton.

scarlotti, i know what you mean about it not feeling too far out. i have looked at place in the goldstone valley area but it def felt a bit too "in the burbs" for us. at least with the nevill road area you can walk to the train station. i will def get in touch once we move - although that won't be for quite a while as we need to get all the building work done before we can!

thanks again to you both for your replies rachelx

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