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Bra fitter?

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karenanddylan Tue 08-Sep-09 16:13:21

Can anyone recommend a good bra fitting service? I am nursing and in desparate need!

Picante Tue 08-Sep-09 16:14:47

John Lewis have the best customer service imo.

BornToFolk Tue 08-Sep-09 16:16:02

The ladies in John Lewis are lovely. I went for a fitting when I was pregnant, but to be honest the bras I got were not great.

After I'd finished breastfeeding, I went to the Bravissimo in Oxford and the fitting there was way, way better. I can highly recommend it if you are big boobed and can get to Oxford...

Picante Tue 08-Sep-09 16:17:31

Yes forgot to say just get measured there then get the bras online eg Figleaves.

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