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N7 Mum and 2.5yr old needing social interaction

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OddEyes Mon 07-Sep-09 00:11:49

My son (2.5yrs) has just finshed nursery now that my maternity pay has finished after having my daughter (5 months) and so I am now in charge of providing regular social interaction with other children - arhh! I don't know any local mums with children of a similar age to Ds. Anyone have any ideas or recommendations for stay and plays etc?
Feel a little out of it after having relied on nursey these last few months.
We live in N7 but walk alot.

TheBightyMoosh Tue 08-Sep-09 13:59:56

I also live in N7 but I'm back at work now - but when I have a rare day off with my 19 month old, I try and explore the area. It's not brilliant for places, but there are loads of places if you don't mind venturing a little bit. The playground in Highbury fields is lovely and always quite busy - and the 1 o'clock club by the bandstand is really nice - it's quite small, but they've got loads of toys and activities and I've always found everyone really friendly. There's also another nice 1 o'clock club in Whittington Park just off Holloway Road (towards Archway) - again very friendly, and they have little sing song sessions to get everyone invovled! There are also drop in stay and play sessions in the Children's centres - The Willows has one, as does Paradise Park - can't remember the days / times, but I think you can get them from the council website.

The playground in Finsbury park is great in terms of facilities - but I've not found it to be as friendly - but there's a 1 o'clock club there too (by the entrance to the park - not near the playground). I only went there once, and it seemed nice and reasonably well equipped.

Good luck - hope that helps.

milknosugarplease Fri 11-Sep-09 14:55:25

hiya, i nanny in the angel and am also looking for local "social interaction".
any helo appriciated!x

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