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Any good suggestions regarding pram?

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lucyfer2000 Thu 03-Sep-09 20:14:09

I suppose this is aimed at ms knockers again but comments from anyone are welcome. Feel a bit guilty always hassling Norma about buggies too!

I think I might decide to sell the P & T's after all because I think that DS might be a bit too heavy to sit in the upright toddler seat when a baby is in the bottom. He is 3.5 now and it looks a bit wierd (little bugger should be walking really but can be sooo lazy!).

Any recommendations of other nice pushchairs that are easy to fold with forward and backward facing for the baby that I can put a buggy board or something on???? Would not be needed for jogging, or hardcore strolls around the english countryside! just town and the odd park!!

Thanks xx

NormaSknockers Fri 04-Sep-09 14:15:27

Would you prefer 3 or 4 wheels? Carrycot & seat unit or pramette? Ball park spending figure? grin

Have a look at something called a Strolli, I have one for DD & it's so much easier then a Buggy Board!

Please don't feel guilty asking me, I honestly don't mind in the slightest!

lucyfer2000 Sat 05-Sep-09 21:17:10

Oh goodness i don't know!! not fussed about wheel number. Don't know what a seat unit or a pramette is. Something that will be flat and also upright and recline...

I had remembered your bicycle type attachment from our last buggy conversation actually but couldn't remember what it was called! - and will definitely be keeping it in mind! Thanks norma.

Sawyer64 Sat 05-Sep-09 21:37:37

Look on Ebay for a Strolli as they aren't cheap,but if you do buy new,they do hold their price.

Can recommend a Maclaren Techno,if you like Umbrella types.lays back flat and folds up small.

I had the Maclaren Twin for my two,which I loved.A friend from my P/N group had it for her twin girls,I bought the cosy toes for DD2 new and she looked so snug in it.

Probably not what you are after though.Having done all the big bulky prams,this suited me

NormaSknockers Sun 06-Sep-09 07:50:07

With the Strolli the only place one you'll get one is now eBay as they've discontinued them so no-one appears to stock them anymore, mine was £55 brand new & they're going for stupid prices on eBay some as much as £90 shock So might be worth looking locally in things like the local paper or on PreLoved if you did decide you wanted to get one.

It's tricky to know what to suggest without knowing what kind of thing you want as there are many out there.

You could go down the traditional pramette route (this lays flat in a carrycot mode when baby is newborn up to 6 months & then faces forward when baby is able to sit up) So something like this

You could also look at more modern pramettes, this is again where the carrycot & seat unit are all in one but with the modern version once baby has outgrown the carrycot the seat unit is both rear & forward facing. So something like this (you would also find it very easy to attach a Strolli to this one)

If you're not fussed about a carrycot you could opt for a standard stroller/pram that just lays flat making it suitable from birth, so anything like this or this.

Another worth looking at would be the Mamas & Papas Luna or Luna Mix. With this you can either use flat from birth or add a soft carrycot so that baby faces you for a while. Luna's are really lovely & I've just bought another for DS (had 2 for DD at different ages as sold & regretted it). If you opt for the Luna I would say to go for the Mix as this is a 3 wheeler & personally I've always found it's easier to manovre & get up curbs when a holding a childs hand with a 3 wheeler.

Other ones to look at would be things like the Loola (this is a marmite pram so worth trying out first as you may hate it, I loathed mine), the Quinny Buzz, Mothercare MyChoice, M&P Skate, M&P switch - there's lots of others between too!

A shop on eBay worth watching is this0 they are Dorel who are stockists of things like Loola, Quinny, Mura & they list returns etc on eBay. Everything is always listed as used but 9/10 it will arrive brand new, if there's ever a problem they sort it out double quick. I have bought 4 or 5 from them & so far every pram bar one arrived brand new, one had a small problem but they sent me out some new covers immediately. It's worth looking if they sell something you like as you'll get it for a fraction of the price!

If I can be any more help just yell

lucyfer2000 Fri 11-Sep-09 20:55:54

Fantastic advice as usual Norma and thanks also for your suggestions Sawyer Thank you, have been checking out all your suggestions and having a really good look around ebay. Seem to be able to pick up some really good bargains if you go for the pick up only options. Quite in to the Luna.

Just have to decide if Zac will go for the Strolli or not. They certainly hold their value so may just buy one, try it out and then flog it on if he moans about it!!


NormaSknockers Fri 11-Sep-09 21:35:10

Definately go for pick up only on eBay you can get some major bargains!

If I can be of any more help please do yell, you're welcome to bring Zac over & see if he'll sit on the Strolli Xx

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