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Anyone need a childminder/flexible childcare?

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nannymcphee Tue 01-Sep-09 17:48:52

Hi, I'm relatively new to TW (one year) and live in Langton Green. I've been childminding for 4 years (3 in London) and now have a vacancy. Preferably 3 days and again preferably term time only, but open to offers and try to be flexible! If you know of anyone looking please let me know!
I'm up for a girls night out too! grin

lachi Sun 11-Oct-09 09:50:21

Hi, me too new to TW, just moved here from London.
Do you do or know anyone who may do some babysitting??
Also me too up for a girls night/coffee meet up..grin

immally Fri 08-Oct-10 14:04:10

I am looking for a childminder. We are about to move to Tunbridge Wells from London (finally) and have two girls 3.5 and 1 year. I would love my older one to stay in nursery for part of the time and am happy for my 1 year old to be with childminder. We need for days a week preferably to 6.30 pm as we will be commuting to London. Can anyone help? We hope to be in TN4 by end of November.

PanicMode Tue 12-Oct-10 18:54:49


I don't know if this helps at all - but there are several childminders listed.

I ended up having to use a nanny as I too commuted to London, and I couldn't get the hours I needed with a childminder - plus with three (now four!) children, a nanny was almost cheaper!

Whereabouts in TN4 are you going to be? We're also TN4 - and made the move here from London almost three years ago - haven't regretted it for a second!

We tried to get a girls night organised not that long ago, but there wasn't a huge amount of interest....maybe time to try again!

richmondlass Fri 15-Oct-10 21:56:57

Hi ladies I also moved down this way in Feb this year and would love to meet some other mums. Can't do evenings but can do a coffee/cake meet up daytimes? I have a six month old son. Jill

ginandt Sat 01-Jan-11 12:40:36

Hi! I am in need of a childminder to help with my 2 children (DD age 8, DS age 7) for 3-4 days a week, to collect from school until about 4.30pm. I live in Groombridge. Any tips would be most welcome.

Also, would love to meet new people in the area so would be up for organisign a get-together if sufficient interest.

mrsmarshall Sat 22-Jan-11 19:50:12

Hi, I just moved into the area too with hubbie and my eleven month old daughter. Am loving it but have no clue where to go and don't know any mummies so would love to meet up. Our house is only a few mins drive from groombridge.

jbcare Sun 06-Feb-11 14:52:13

Hi I have also vacancy need to fill am an experienced registered childminder near Esher Surrey, I have one vacancy ~Monday and Thursdays for any age. anybody interested e mail jackie on anybody hear of someone looking


susana0600 Sun 05-Jun-11 22:54:59

I HAVE A VACANCY, I am an experienced registered child minder in Woking Surrey GU228ER, I have one vacancy Monday to Thursdays for any age, but I am flexible with my days and times. Please contact me if interested email on


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